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Monday, May 26, 2008

This had better work or I'll smash the computer!!!

The other day I spent over three hours updating this blog, only for it to disappear completely!! To say I was fuming is an understatement!!!!!!!!

Anyway, I can't really remember what I wrote, so I'll just put a load of photos up of things we've done recently:

Romy holding her sleeping sister :o)

When it snowed in March!
Day trip to Cleethorpes in April...

Taking a swing at the pinata at Tansy's birthday party.
Grading with Daddy for her red/black belt. It'll be black belt in November!!

Romy's birthday cake (made by Nana)
Some of the vegan spread at the party.
Pinata-ing again!
Helping Tans.
With Uncle Stephen.
With Tans on the 'bouncy bouncy' (Tans has become obsessed!!)
On holiday in Berwick upon Tweed...
Holy Island (Lindisfarne)

Romy hugging a saint.
We had to leave before the tide came in or else we'd be stuck there for several hours!
Roo with Tans in the sling. (She only walked a few yards with her on, lol.)
Eating gorgeous food in a vegan cafe we found in Edinburgh. Yum!
Is it sad to have been this excited about a vegan baked potato shop? Lol.
Roo enjoying herself in Edinburgh.

Beautiful sisters.

More fun!

Bamburgh castle. Breath-taking!

The girls enjoying themselves...

A very rare sight! Romy's hair freshly washed, brushed and 100% tangle-free!!! *Gasps*

A gorgeous spray-on fairy tattoo.
Angel of the North photographed on the way home out of the car window.
Roo meeting an owl at a taekwondo display she did recently.
And enjoying a go on the quad bikes.
An amazing visit to White Scar Cave for my birthday.
My friend Nikki will be impressed with these orbs ;o)

Romy drinking the water in a pool in the cave.

Being home educated Romy benefitted from one-to-one attention from our wonderful guide. She learnt so much and was so not impressed when she saw the three school groups pass us being rowdy and screaming and shouting. I'm sure they heard barely anything that the guide told them.
Yesterday we went to Hillside Animal Sanctuary in Norfolk. What an AMAZING place. I love it. They rescue farm animals from slaughter and terrible cruelty. I was so proud of Romy who spent a lot of her birthday money 'adopting' a sheep who was found trying to suckle from his dead mother on a farm and a pair of cows who were rescued from terrible conditions. She is such a thoughtful, empathic person. We had a lovely day too. Here's Romy's foot being pecked by chickens. (The cage above illustrates how five chickens are shoved in each battery cage.)
Feeding the chickens grass ;o)
In the vegan cafe they had there. Romy had just polished off a hummus and cucumber sandwich, a chocolate milkshake and an ice-cream cornet. She couldn't manage the ginger cake, so I 'helped' her, lol.
Today we went to a local park with a group of home edders. Much fun was had by all :o)