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Thursday, June 30, 2005

Happy Birthday Daddy :o)

Colin was pleased with his tie-dyed t-shirt (and his bargain bucket videos from me!!) He got loads of cards, including the obligatory 1970's footballer type one. I'm sure Grannies must have drawers full of cards from eons ago, lol. Romy made some lovely banana muffins with stars on. There were 12 of them and we scoffed 4 each! They were only tiny though.

Cleaned out the fish this afternoon which was a yucky job. Romy thought it was hilarious when one of the fish attempted to commit Harry Karry by flipping out of the net. Luckily it landed back in the pool. I wouldn't have found it funny scrabbling around on the floor trying to pick the bleedin' thing up (like I did with some tadpoles recently at Normanby park!)

We got a brochure from Eurodisney today. It had a DVD with it. Romy and I sat and watched it ooh-ing and aah-ing and wishing... Maybe one day :o)

Master Chef! Posted by Hello

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Glitter Gals.

We both made Colin birthday cards today. By the time Romy had finished with the glitter it looked like there'd been an explosion in Fairyland! The results were worth it though :o)

Did lots of literacy today. Romy had practice using a dictionary when she had to fill in missing letters on a worksheet. If she didn't know the answer (as in the "u" in fruit) she used the Dick 'n' Arry. Unfortunately her Junior Oxford one was useless so she had to resort to using our giant "tome."

We made a plaster-of-paris Tutankhamun the other day. Romy painted it this afternoon using a pic from the internet as a guide. We also looked up some interesting info about him as Romy wanted to know how old he was when he died and how he met his end. Nice eh? We've also had a general painting session which has resulted in red paint in the bathroom blood-bath-esque after someone tried to wash her hands!!

We're having great fun right now photocopying things using the new printer. We've just copied a five-pound-note and we're going to trick Daddy when he gets home from teaching! Tee hee :o) It looks so realistic that forgery is looking good as a new career move, lol.

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Birthday countdown begins...

Today we had the great idea of snagging one of Colin's old t-shirts and tie-dying it for him. This is going to be Romy's present for his birthday on Thursday. It looks not too bad if I do say so myself. Tomorrow we'll be making birthday cards and then on Thursday while he's at work we'll be making the cake!

Carried on with the food project today. Romy used a worksheet to evaluate four snack foods. She had to think about the aroma, taste, texture and appearance and rate them with smiley (or sad) faces. She then wrote down some adjectives to describe each food.

Romy received some mail this morning which is always very exciting for her. A letter from her friend Katie, some nice writing paper from her and also a book from her called "why do we eat?" for the project. Romy spent the morning writing back to Katie using the new fairy paper. Her writing can be really neat when she tries :o)

We've just started reading Enid Blyton's The Faraway Tree Collection. This current Enid Blyton obsession began with my sister Jenny buying Romy The wishing Chair Collection. Romy couldn't get enough of it. Luckily it's a looooong book. After that we bought Amelia Jane. Finally finished that the other day. We have lots of other books piled up waiting patiently until the end of The Faraway Tree, lol.

Monday, June 27, 2005

Fun in the sun! Posted by Hello

More sunshine!

Romy is still chomping strawberries! We went picking again today but not for us this time. We went with Emily and Nikki. The girls had fun pretending they were fairies picking rubies, lol. Afterwards we came home to strawberries and ice-cream in the back garden. Romy and Emily had great fun on the water slide and in the pool. as you can see from the pic. Tilly ran around like an idiot and was dunked in the water a couple of times, much to her disgust. She then proceeded to drink the soapy water on the slide, much to everyone else's disgust ;o)

Romy had great fun at Taekwondo again this evening. She learnt three more self-defence moves. Daddy had better watch out next time they're play fighting!! She also received a blue star badge to sew onto her lapel for doing her best at school/academy. Another sewing job for Nana ;o))) She was supposed to get a red one last time for doing her best at home but they didn't have any left. Have to wait till they get some more.

We've been entrusted with the task of looking after my brother's cats for a few days. We've managed to scare one of them off I think :o( Romy and I are off down the street now to see if we can find her and tempt her back in with some nibbles. Not doing a very good job really.

Sunday, June 26, 2005

Mud, mud, glorious mud! Posted by Hello

Picking strawberries in the sun. Posted by Hello

Strawberry Fields Forever.

Found a great PYO strawberry place this afternoon. Picked far too many as usual and was then shocked at the price, lol. Mind you, they were v. cheap compared to shop bought ones and of course you get to pick the very best juicy red ones, yum! Romy was horrified when I suggested she eat one as we were picking. She's far too honest that girl. Puts me to shame ;o)

Went to Nana and Grandad's for an outdoor tea which was very nice (apart from the church bells ringing very loudly in our ears for an hour!) Romy had a lovely play in the mud that Grandad had dug over ready to lay some decking. You can see the glorious state she got in in the photo. Never mind; clothes are in the wash and Romy's in the bath (eating strawberries, lol)

Bought some of these scoubidou things the other day. Spent ages today looking at the diagram instructions trying to work out how to knot them. Finally it came to me in a light bulb moment in the car on the way home from my Mum's. There's no stopping me now! All I have to do is try and show Romy. She'll no doubt pick it up straight away though. I must be getting old :o(

Saturday, June 25, 2005

Romy the socialite!

Well, Romy's social diary needs to be run with military precision these days. Her feet have hardly touched the ground today. Taekwondo this morning 9.30-10.00, then changed in the car and a snack on the way to football for 10.30 until 12 noon. Home for a quick dinner and then off to Rainbows Teddy Bears Day Out 1-4pm!! Blimey :-o Princess Fluffy was chosen as the teddy to take. It's one of those that you make in the teddy factory shops. When she is squeezed she says "I love Romy." Romy came back with lots of crafts she'd made. They also sang songs and played games that she had never heard of, lol. She's quietly playing with her train set now :o) While she was enjoying that I tackled my latest Hopi Ear Candling assignment and gave Colin a Reiki session. He fell asleep after five minutes so I left him until it was time to collect Romy. It's a good job one of us was awake, lol.

The other day we received a stinky letter from the council saying that our allotment was in a neglected state and when are we going to do anything about it? Well, we wrote back and said within a week we'd have it sorted. Anywaaaaay... we went this evening and got such a shock; the whole allotment had been completely ploughed over by the council!! There were massacred vegetables all over the place. All the lovely onions, spring onions, carrots, lettuces, etc we'd planted. Not to mention Romy's and Emily's plant bulbs and peas :o((( Grrrrr...... We were sooooo mad! It's not worth starting again. Especially if they're going to take this Nazi-ish approach to things. Poo and wee! We'll just use pots in the garden I think. That reminds me, if anyone wants any aloe vera's or spider plants please yell as we're being pushed out of our house!!

Friday, June 24, 2005

Beach party!

Yesterday we went to a Home Ed friend's 8th birthday party on Cleethorpes beach. Much fun was had by all. The birthday boy was fully absorbed in the task of digging up crabs with the other boys. Romy wasn't too fussed about doing that but watched in horrified fascination as I picked a big one up to show her ;o) There was lovely vegan food and even ice-cubes and ice-cream was brought along. On such a hot day, we were well impressed!!

Our new computer arrived today. Colin is paying for it from his wages on a tax free scheme organised by BT and Corus. It's very swish! Flat screen monitor, and - oh joy of joys - a 3-in-1 printer/scanner/PHOTOCOPIER!! All I need now is a laminator and our home school/office is complete. Hurrah! Romy is pleased because she can start from scratch with Petz 5 and have them all have babies again, hee hee.

Got a lovely set of children's scales from eBay for a couple of quid. They arrived yesterday so we've had fun weighing objects with 1 g blocks this afternoon. Did lots of estimating and problem solving too. E.g How do we weigh a big plastic lion when we've used all the 100 blocks and it's still not enough? Why, we add the mobile 'phone that weighs 38g and the small plastic zebra that weighs 7g and add it all together of course!

Off to swimming lesson in a bit. Colin is giving football a miss to come and watch. I think he'll be mightily impressed with Roo's progress since he last watched her :o)

Beach Belle :o) Posted by Hello

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Water slide fun! Posted by Hello

Backstroke! Posted by Hello

Bathing Beauty. Posted by Hello

What a scorcher!

Ooh, I feel sorry for people who were stuck in offices or classrooms today. We've been outside enjoying the sun as you can see from the photo's above. I'm not sure quite what species of idiot I resembled in my shorts(!) and one of Romy's sunhats. Don't worry though, there's no photographic evidence of that - thankfully!

The great thing about home educating is that we don't have to stick to "school" hours. Romy can enjoy the afternoon in the sun and now we can do some work this evening. Colin is out teaching First Aid so we're having a Girl's Night In :o)

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Happy Birthday Nana!

It's my Mum's birthday today. Romy made her a lovely decoupage card and gave her two hanging crystals for her window. Aparrently she was inundated with flowers from everyone and had to borrow vases. Lucky thing! I don't even own a vase. That's how often I get flowers, lol. Anyway Mum, hope you had a great birthday. We love you very much :o)

Romy had a little sports day at Rainbows this afternoon. She came out with three stickers saying "3rd", "3rd", and "2nd" and a "winner" medal. Not bad considering all the other girls were wearing socks and trainers and Romy had bare feet and sandals as she appeared to be the only one who hadn't heard that they would be running races this week! Of course that made me look like a neglectful Mother for sending her ill equipped, lol.

Colin has a week off work, so instead of letting him have a rest I've set him off clearing out the conservatory ;o) Didn't seem to get very far despite going at it for a few hours. Mind you, there's so much junk in there it's never ending. Charity shop tomorrow I think. They're going to love us! Want to get it decorated so I can start doing Reiki in there.

Romy has found three pen pals so I think we'll make an attempt at writing some letters tomorrow. Did a food collage today and some literacy work on rhymes, consonant blends and joined up writing.

Ooh ooh, Colin has just come down and caught that spider from last night! Just saw it again crawling on the fireplace. I knew men had to be useful for something ;o)

Monday, June 20, 2005

Having a splashing time.

Went swimming this afternoon with Emily and Nikki. Think I still have some water in my ear!Was amazed at how confident Emily is becoming. Thought I'd traumatised her for life when I accidentally tipped her off a giant float and she went under the water :-O Fortunately though she just picked herself up and carried on, phew! I'll be able to sleep tonight ;o) Romy practiced all the things she's been learning in her swimming lessons like jumping in at the deep end, doing handstands and underwater somersaults! I'm so chuffed with her progress. At Christmas she was a complete non-swimmer. The wave machine was also put on twice (well we were there for over two hours!) much to the girl's delight.

Romy had her second Taekwondo class this evening. She loved it. They make it so much fun. To warm-up they did an assault course to music. Romy was grinning from ear to ear! Then her group (of fellow white-belts) had to practice punches and kicks using pads and block the teacher from bonking them on the head with a sponge thing. Great fun!

We've had many new arrivals on the Dogz 5 front. So many that Romy is having trouble thinking of names for them all, lol.

Just spotted a spider running towards the guinea pigs cage. Think that's my cue to go to bed!

Ooh, also Happy Birthday to my Mum for tomorrow. 21 again ;o))) I overtook her a loooong time ago. How is that possible???

Sunday, June 19, 2005

Our six new pets! Posted by Hello

Something fishy goin' on...

Added six new pets to our menagerie this afternoon. Goldfish by the names of Ruby, Amber, Saffron, Skye, Izzy and Heather. (Aparrently!) Haven't a clue which is which, lol. They are living in our garden in an old sand/water play tray on legs. This brings our total to nine pets! The others being a totally bonkers dog; Tilly, and two gorgeous guinea pigs; Pip and Squeak. They had a bath in the bathroom sink today which is always amusing for Romy. Especially at the end when she gets to cuddle them wrapped in towels like babies. Sweet!

Gah! Can't stand this sticky weather. We're always complaining in this country aren't we? Last week it was too cold, now it's too hot. I just want a happy medium (Doris Stokes? Lol.) Tilly's driving us mad. She's obviously boiling hot as she's panting like mad, but does that stop her racing around like a mad idiot and making herself worse? No!

Saturday, June 18, 2005

Watch out on the streets!!! Posted by Hello

Romy with her suit and certificates. Posted by Hello

Romy and friends having fun at the BBQ. Posted by Hello

Romy (left) and Katie having a splashing time! Posted by Hello

Hot and busy!!

Romy started her Taekwondo class this morning at an unfeasably early hour (for me!!) Thanks to generous Nana who lent us the money for the down payment. Romy absolutely LOVED the lesson. She's learning to shout and be confident with her voice which is lovely as she can be quite softly spoken sometimes. She'll be learning to defend herself from attacks which will be really good when she's older and starts going out on her own. Not that I want that day to ever come, *sob*.

After Taekwondo it was straight off to football on a sweltering field :o( Not v. enjoyable on a day like this. We then went to the museum to buy some postcards for our Home Education postcard exchange. Didn't know what to get as, let's face it Sunny Scunny isn't the most picturesque or interesting of places. In the end we plumped for Thornton Abbey. Americans are suckers for anything that looks old and has a bit of history, lol.

In the afternoon we went for a BBQ at our home ed friends house in Lincoln. Romy had fun playing on a waterslide and with a flower thing that attaches to the hose pipe and madly sprays water around. Denise's house and garden is a magnet for all the neighbourhood children (because she's so welcoming and motherly :o) so as well as Katie and Lewis there were other children to play with as well. We enjoyed lovely food, so thanks Denise and Nigel. Lewis introduced me to Book Crossing while we were there. Aparrently, you read a book and register it on the site and then set it free for other people to read. Whenever someone finds it or is given it they can go to the site and add to the reviews on that book and then pass it on again. Looks like fun. He's given us a book to read. I think we'll pass it on to Emily after we've read it.

Phew! It's still so hot. It'll be windows open tonight!

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Money makes the world go round :o(

Romy went for an introductory lesson at John Turner's Black Belt Academy in Brigg. We were greeted by the friendliest people you could imagine. A crisp white Taekwondo suit was thrust into Romy's eager hands and we went to get her changed. The class in progress looked v. exciting with loud music blaring out. Very much Romy's thing. We were taken upstairs by a lovely lady who took Romy through some basic moves and explained everything to us. She fell in love with Romy which was nice. Strictly speaking she should go into the "Little Dragons" class for 4-6 year olds but the lady was so impressed with her that she said she could start in the juniors class. Anyway, at the end of the induction Romy was presented with a certificate and her white belt. This made her grin from ear to ear. We, however were presented with the price of training. This made our jaws drop to the ground. We had to tell Smiling Lady that we needed time to think about it as it was a lot of money for us. "Ok, well pop your suit off and leave it at the desk then until you decide" she told a visibly crushed Romy. T'was nothing compared to how crappy we felt :o((( There could be light at the end of Romy's tunnel though in the form of her Fairy Godmother Nana (my Mum) who has offered to lend us the money for the registration fee. Then we've just got to scrape together the monthly fee. Oh Gawd, I need to earn some money!! Anyone want a Reiki session? Buy the contents of our house? Buy the dog? Only joking (about the Reiki. I wouldn't charge friends and family, lol!)

Anyway, today Romy made a hedgehog from a sewing kit her Nana bought her. We had no stuffing so we used cotton wool balls. The hedgehog didn't mind, and Romy's was as pleased as punch with her efforts.

We got a nice suprise in the mail this morning; an educational CD-ROM about the film Madagascar. Have a shufties at the trailer here. It looks hilarious. We'll definitely go and see that one. The CD-ROM was sent by Film Education who organise free screenings of films for schools. As home educators we are also eligible.

Couldn't get them both in the photo, but this is the result of yesterdays Art Attack programme. Posted by Hello

Romy's "Big Art Attack". All her own idea. Posted by Hello

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

What lovely weather we're having. Not!

Flaming June eh? Pull the other one. Been stuck indoors today and Tilly has been driving us mad acting stir crazy! It's no mean feat sitting at the table to work when a maniac dog is chasing a loo roll tube around the house and barking at the birds out of the window. Roll on the sunshine so she can play outside again.

Today we've made a driftwood photo frame like the ones we saw in Wales for £40. I'm in the wrong game here. Under the guise of the Food Project Romy did a Venn diagram to illustrate healthy food and snack food (and healthy snack foods.) We also analysed all the information on a box of Coco Pops. Romy read me The Three Little Pigs. Her reading is coming along really well. She even puts different voices on now. I actually tested her reading age using theSchonell reading test the other day. She is 6 years and 1 month and her reading age was 7 years and 6 months. I was well chuffed because you always worry as a home educator that you're doing your job properly.

Romy also found time to continue with her Dogz 5 breeding programme, lol. I've long since given up trying to stop her 'adopting' more 'dogz'. At the last count there were over 40, and half of them are pregnant at the moment. Oh well, at least they're not real.

Romy already has two knots in her mouse's tail for being helpful. She did some washing up last night and helped me to tidy this morning before I vacuumed. She's such a star! She's happily snuggled on the settee watching her favourite show "Art Attack" at the moment. I suppose I'd better go as it's only a matter of time before "Mummy, we HAVE to make (insert bizarre object) we only need (insert various household objects everyone seems to have apart from us!) Happy days indeed :o))))))

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Painting toast and climbing trees!

This morning we learnt about classifying vertebrates for science. For art and craft Romy painted some toast! We got the idea from here:

We spent a lovely afternoon at Normanby park with Emily and Nikki. The girls climbed trees, played in the playground and learnt a lot about victorian life by looking round the hall. We saw lots of peacocks displaying their feathers to the peahens. The peahens didn't seem fussed though!

Romy has just come back from Rainbows where today she made a mouse with a string tail. She has to tie a knot in it each time she does something kind and helpful this week. Hmmmm... not very long. I think she'll run out of string knowing her!

We recently joined a postcard exchange group. Today we sent off out first postcard to a home educating family in New Zealand. We are eagerly awaiting one from them now.

Romy got her latest book to review from Education Otherwise. We were not very impressed. Feel awful because we keep writing bad reviews but they keep sending bad books, so what can we do?

Monday, June 13, 2005

Recent doings...

Romy took up swimming lessons just before Christmas. She has now passed five levels and is taking her Dolphin level two course. Thanks to Nana for sewing her hard earnt badges onto her towel (I'm useless, lol.) She continues to train with the App Frod under sevens football team on Saturday mornings where Colin is now a coach (much to Romy's delight.) Rainbows is on a Tuesday night. For those who don't know, that's the younger girls version of Brownies. She is thinking of taking up a martial art too. So all in all she has an exciting social life. Much busier than mine anyway!

On the learning front. We have just finished a project on fairies (which turned into a full scale obsession!) We've just started a food project, which so far has involved keeping a food journal for a week which we are going to analyse for the nutrients it contains; a seed sprouting experiment and various worksheets from the web.

Romy also spends LOTS of time playing with her best friend, Emily. They're inseperable!


Romy in a digger at the gala yesterday. Posted by Hello

Footy Chick! Romy getting her football medal last week. Posted by Hello

Welcome to our blog!

Just pinched the idea of starting a blog to record our adventures in home education from my friend Nikki. Ooh, I do feel important now!
Romy and I thought this would be a good way to keep in touch with far flung friends and family. You can all have a nosey whenever you like to see what we've been up to. Hopefully I'll keep up to date with it and be able to work out how to post photo's. Exciting!