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Friday, June 24, 2005

Beach party!

Yesterday we went to a Home Ed friend's 8th birthday party on Cleethorpes beach. Much fun was had by all. The birthday boy was fully absorbed in the task of digging up crabs with the other boys. Romy wasn't too fussed about doing that but watched in horrified fascination as I picked a big one up to show her ;o) There was lovely vegan food and even ice-cubes and ice-cream was brought along. On such a hot day, we were well impressed!!

Our new computer arrived today. Colin is paying for it from his wages on a tax free scheme organised by BT and Corus. It's very swish! Flat screen monitor, and - oh joy of joys - a 3-in-1 printer/scanner/PHOTOCOPIER!! All I need now is a laminator and our home school/office is complete. Hurrah! Romy is pleased because she can start from scratch with Petz 5 and have them all have babies again, hee hee.

Got a lovely set of children's scales from eBay for a couple of quid. They arrived yesterday so we've had fun weighing objects with 1 g blocks this afternoon. Did lots of estimating and problem solving too. E.g How do we weigh a big plastic lion when we've used all the 100 blocks and it's still not enough? Why, we add the mobile 'phone that weighs 38g and the small plastic zebra that weighs 7g and add it all together of course!

Off to swimming lesson in a bit. Colin is giving football a miss to come and watch. I think he'll be mightily impressed with Roo's progress since he last watched her :o)


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