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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Glitter Gals.

We both made Colin birthday cards today. By the time Romy had finished with the glitter it looked like there'd been an explosion in Fairyland! The results were worth it though :o)

Did lots of literacy today. Romy had practice using a dictionary when she had to fill in missing letters on a worksheet. If she didn't know the answer (as in the "u" in fruit) she used the Dick 'n' Arry. Unfortunately her Junior Oxford one was useless so she had to resort to using our giant "tome."

We made a plaster-of-paris Tutankhamun the other day. Romy painted it this afternoon using a pic from the internet as a guide. We also looked up some interesting info about him as Romy wanted to know how old he was when he died and how he met his end. Nice eh? We've also had a general painting session which has resulted in red paint in the bathroom blood-bath-esque after someone tried to wash her hands!!

We're having great fun right now photocopying things using the new printer. We've just copied a five-pound-note and we're going to trick Daddy when he gets home from teaching! Tee hee :o) It looks so realistic that forgery is looking good as a new career move, lol.


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