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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Happy Birthday Nana!

It's my Mum's birthday today. Romy made her a lovely decoupage card and gave her two hanging crystals for her window. Aparrently she was inundated with flowers from everyone and had to borrow vases. Lucky thing! I don't even own a vase. That's how often I get flowers, lol. Anyway Mum, hope you had a great birthday. We love you very much :o)

Romy had a little sports day at Rainbows this afternoon. She came out with three stickers saying "3rd", "3rd", and "2nd" and a "winner" medal. Not bad considering all the other girls were wearing socks and trainers and Romy had bare feet and sandals as she appeared to be the only one who hadn't heard that they would be running races this week! Of course that made me look like a neglectful Mother for sending her ill equipped, lol.

Colin has a week off work, so instead of letting him have a rest I've set him off clearing out the conservatory ;o) Didn't seem to get very far despite going at it for a few hours. Mind you, there's so much junk in there it's never ending. Charity shop tomorrow I think. They're going to love us! Want to get it decorated so I can start doing Reiki in there.

Romy has found three pen pals so I think we'll make an attempt at writing some letters tomorrow. Did a food collage today and some literacy work on rhymes, consonant blends and joined up writing.

Ooh ooh, Colin has just come down and caught that spider from last night! Just saw it again crawling on the fireplace. I knew men had to be useful for something ;o)


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