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Monday, June 20, 2005

Having a splashing time.

Went swimming this afternoon with Emily and Nikki. Think I still have some water in my ear!Was amazed at how confident Emily is becoming. Thought I'd traumatised her for life when I accidentally tipped her off a giant float and she went under the water :-O Fortunately though she just picked herself up and carried on, phew! I'll be able to sleep tonight ;o) Romy practiced all the things she's been learning in her swimming lessons like jumping in at the deep end, doing handstands and underwater somersaults! I'm so chuffed with her progress. At Christmas she was a complete non-swimmer. The wave machine was also put on twice (well we were there for over two hours!) much to the girl's delight.

Romy had her second Taekwondo class this evening. She loved it. They make it so much fun. To warm-up they did an assault course to music. Romy was grinning from ear to ear! Then her group (of fellow white-belts) had to practice punches and kicks using pads and block the teacher from bonking them on the head with a sponge thing. Great fun!

We've had many new arrivals on the Dogz 5 front. So many that Romy is having trouble thinking of names for them all, lol.

Just spotted a spider running towards the guinea pigs cage. Think that's my cue to go to bed!

Ooh, also Happy Birthday to my Mum for tomorrow. 21 again ;o))) I overtook her a loooong time ago. How is that possible???


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