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Saturday, June 18, 2005

Hot and busy!!

Romy started her Taekwondo class this morning at an unfeasably early hour (for me!!) Thanks to generous Nana who lent us the money for the down payment. Romy absolutely LOVED the lesson. She's learning to shout and be confident with her voice which is lovely as she can be quite softly spoken sometimes. She'll be learning to defend herself from attacks which will be really good when she's older and starts going out on her own. Not that I want that day to ever come, *sob*.

After Taekwondo it was straight off to football on a sweltering field :o( Not v. enjoyable on a day like this. We then went to the museum to buy some postcards for our Home Education postcard exchange. Didn't know what to get as, let's face it Sunny Scunny isn't the most picturesque or interesting of places. In the end we plumped for Thornton Abbey. Americans are suckers for anything that looks old and has a bit of history, lol.

In the afternoon we went for a BBQ at our home ed friends house in Lincoln. Romy had fun playing on a waterslide and with a flower thing that attaches to the hose pipe and madly sprays water around. Denise's house and garden is a magnet for all the neighbourhood children (because she's so welcoming and motherly :o) so as well as Katie and Lewis there were other children to play with as well. We enjoyed lovely food, so thanks Denise and Nigel. Lewis introduced me to Book Crossing while we were there. Aparrently, you read a book and register it on the site and then set it free for other people to read. Whenever someone finds it or is given it they can go to the site and add to the reviews on that book and then pass it on again. Looks like fun. He's given us a book to read. I think we'll pass it on to Emily after we've read it.

Phew! It's still so hot. It'll be windows open tonight!


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