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Thursday, June 16, 2005

Money makes the world go round :o(

Romy went for an introductory lesson at John Turner's Black Belt Academy in Brigg. We were greeted by the friendliest people you could imagine. A crisp white Taekwondo suit was thrust into Romy's eager hands and we went to get her changed. The class in progress looked v. exciting with loud music blaring out. Very much Romy's thing. We were taken upstairs by a lovely lady who took Romy through some basic moves and explained everything to us. She fell in love with Romy which was nice. Strictly speaking she should go into the "Little Dragons" class for 4-6 year olds but the lady was so impressed with her that she said she could start in the juniors class. Anyway, at the end of the induction Romy was presented with a certificate and her white belt. This made her grin from ear to ear. We, however were presented with the price of training. This made our jaws drop to the ground. We had to tell Smiling Lady that we needed time to think about it as it was a lot of money for us. "Ok, well pop your suit off and leave it at the desk then until you decide" she told a visibly crushed Romy. T'was nothing compared to how crappy we felt :o((( There could be light at the end of Romy's tunnel though in the form of her Fairy Godmother Nana (my Mum) who has offered to lend us the money for the registration fee. Then we've just got to scrape together the monthly fee. Oh Gawd, I need to earn some money!! Anyone want a Reiki session? Buy the contents of our house? Buy the dog? Only joking (about the Reiki. I wouldn't charge friends and family, lol!)

Anyway, today Romy made a hedgehog from a sewing kit her Nana bought her. We had no stuffing so we used cotton wool balls. The hedgehog didn't mind, and Romy's was as pleased as punch with her efforts.

We got a nice suprise in the mail this morning; an educational CD-ROM about the film Madagascar. Have a shufties at the trailer here. It looks hilarious. We'll definitely go and see that one. The CD-ROM was sent by Film Education who organise free screenings of films for schools. As home educators we are also eligible.


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