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Monday, June 27, 2005

More sunshine!

Romy is still chomping strawberries! We went picking again today but not for us this time. We went with Emily and Nikki. The girls had fun pretending they were fairies picking rubies, lol. Afterwards we came home to strawberries and ice-cream in the back garden. Romy and Emily had great fun on the water slide and in the pool. as you can see from the pic. Tilly ran around like an idiot and was dunked in the water a couple of times, much to her disgust. She then proceeded to drink the soapy water on the slide, much to everyone else's disgust ;o)

Romy had great fun at Taekwondo again this evening. She learnt three more self-defence moves. Daddy had better watch out next time they're play fighting!! She also received a blue star badge to sew onto her lapel for doing her best at school/academy. Another sewing job for Nana ;o))) She was supposed to get a red one last time for doing her best at home but they didn't have any left. Have to wait till they get some more.

We've been entrusted with the task of looking after my brother's cats for a few days. We've managed to scare one of them off I think :o( Romy and I are off down the street now to see if we can find her and tempt her back in with some nibbles. Not doing a very good job really.


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