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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Painting toast and climbing trees!

This morning we learnt about classifying vertebrates for science. For art and craft Romy painted some toast! We got the idea from here:

We spent a lovely afternoon at Normanby park with Emily and Nikki. The girls climbed trees, played in the playground and learnt a lot about victorian life by looking round the hall. We saw lots of peacocks displaying their feathers to the peahens. The peahens didn't seem fussed though!

Romy has just come back from Rainbows where today she made a mouse with a string tail. She has to tie a knot in it each time she does something kind and helpful this week. Hmmmm... not very long. I think she'll run out of string knowing her!

We recently joined a postcard exchange group. Today we sent off out first postcard to a home educating family in New Zealand. We are eagerly awaiting one from them now.

Romy got her latest book to review from Education Otherwise. We were not very impressed. Feel awful because we keep writing bad reviews but they keep sending bad books, so what can we do?


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