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Monday, June 13, 2005

Recent doings...

Romy took up swimming lessons just before Christmas. She has now passed five levels and is taking her Dolphin level two course. Thanks to Nana for sewing her hard earnt badges onto her towel (I'm useless, lol.) She continues to train with the App Frod under sevens football team on Saturday mornings where Colin is now a coach (much to Romy's delight.) Rainbows is on a Tuesday night. For those who don't know, that's the younger girls version of Brownies. She is thinking of taking up a martial art too. So all in all she has an exciting social life. Much busier than mine anyway!

On the learning front. We have just finished a project on fairies (which turned into a full scale obsession!) We've just started a food project, which so far has involved keeping a food journal for a week which we are going to analyse for the nutrients it contains; a seed sprouting experiment and various worksheets from the web.

Romy also spends LOTS of time playing with her best friend, Emily. They're inseperable!


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