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Saturday, June 25, 2005

Romy the socialite!

Well, Romy's social diary needs to be run with military precision these days. Her feet have hardly touched the ground today. Taekwondo this morning 9.30-10.00, then changed in the car and a snack on the way to football for 10.30 until 12 noon. Home for a quick dinner and then off to Rainbows Teddy Bears Day Out 1-4pm!! Blimey :-o Princess Fluffy was chosen as the teddy to take. It's one of those that you make in the teddy factory shops. When she is squeezed she says "I love Romy." Romy came back with lots of crafts she'd made. They also sang songs and played games that she had never heard of, lol. She's quietly playing with her train set now :o) While she was enjoying that I tackled my latest Hopi Ear Candling assignment and gave Colin a Reiki session. He fell asleep after five minutes so I left him until it was time to collect Romy. It's a good job one of us was awake, lol.

The other day we received a stinky letter from the council saying that our allotment was in a neglected state and when are we going to do anything about it? Well, we wrote back and said within a week we'd have it sorted. Anywaaaaay... we went this evening and got such a shock; the whole allotment had been completely ploughed over by the council!! There were massacred vegetables all over the place. All the lovely onions, spring onions, carrots, lettuces, etc we'd planted. Not to mention Romy's and Emily's plant bulbs and peas :o((( Grrrrr...... We were sooooo mad! It's not worth starting again. Especially if they're going to take this Nazi-ish approach to things. Poo and wee! We'll just use pots in the garden I think. That reminds me, if anyone wants any aloe vera's or spider plants please yell as we're being pushed out of our house!!


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