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Sunday, June 19, 2005

Something fishy goin' on...

Added six new pets to our menagerie this afternoon. Goldfish by the names of Ruby, Amber, Saffron, Skye, Izzy and Heather. (Aparrently!) Haven't a clue which is which, lol. They are living in our garden in an old sand/water play tray on legs. This brings our total to nine pets! The others being a totally bonkers dog; Tilly, and two gorgeous guinea pigs; Pip and Squeak. They had a bath in the bathroom sink today which is always amusing for Romy. Especially at the end when she gets to cuddle them wrapped in towels like babies. Sweet!

Gah! Can't stand this sticky weather. We're always complaining in this country aren't we? Last week it was too cold, now it's too hot. I just want a happy medium (Doris Stokes? Lol.) Tilly's driving us mad. She's obviously boiling hot as she's panting like mad, but does that stop her racing around like a mad idiot and making herself worse? No!


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