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Friday, July 29, 2005

Why we'll always remember the night we tickled slugs with lettuce...

Last night we went to bed but couldn't sleep, so we decided to get up and go out exploring! At midnight we got our coats and sandals on, grabbed a torch and went out into the back garden. As it had been raining all day we were greeted by a whole host of snails and slugs. Brilliant! We went back inside to get lettuce to feed them ;o)

The stars were out 'en mass', it really was a beautiful night. The wind was rustling the leaves but apart from that it was blissfully silent. Well, apart from our peals of laughter that were probably inappropriately loud for that time of the night, LOL! We had a whale of a time attempting to feed the snails (and avoid treading on them!) and finding HUGE yellowy-white slugs. Eugh! We tickled them with lettuce to watch them recoil. This appeared to be beyond hilarious at gone midnight to Romy and me ;o)))

The quote of the night has to go to Romy with "Is that another slug over there? Oh no, it's just a bird poo." More hysterics!

When we came in we hugged each other, grinning from ear to ear and agreed that we'd always remember the night we went out to tickle slugs with lettuce.

Thursday, July 28, 2005

School flashbacks!

Went to Taekwondo tonight and I had school-type flashbacks which reminded me of another reason I haven't sent Roo to school. The kids were being a bit rowdy - well some of them were. Others (including Romy) were sitting patiently for the class to start. The teachers kept coming out with all those old cliches; "We'll wait here all night if we have to" "It's your time you're wasting" etc, etc, etc. Basically it makes me angry that all the kids are tarred with the same brush. Those who are being well behaved have to suffer because of the rowdy ones. Instead of singling them out the teachers come out with all that "We'll all have to wait until it's quiet" crap. The rowdy ones carry on because they don't really care and the quiet ones sit there thinking "What's the point of doing as I'm asked? No-one's taking any notice of me." Not to mention I'm stood there thinking "I'm paying a bloody fortune for this class, now teach my kid!" :o) Obviously this is the type of "socialisation" that some people think Romy is missing out on. All I remember feeling was boredom and frustration in most of my classes. At least at home I don't have 29 other children to sort out before I get to Romy.

Anyhoo, we spent a very rainy day indoors printing out Madagascar stickers and playing lots of games on this site: http://www.madagascar-themovie.com/ We're off to make some wool pom poms now (for no reason!)

Weighed the guinea pigs this afternoon. As I suspected, Squeak is overweight at1300g. Adult males should weigh between 900 and 1200g aparrently. Pip was 1kg exactly, so he's fine. Next home ed project should be "design a guinea pig gym" I think, rofl!

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Hang on... Isn't every day a Mother/Daughter day? ;o)

We've planned a Mummy/daughter day of relaxing and pampering today. But then again every day is like that here, lol. We had our Weetabix out in the sun this morning and in a mo' we're going to gather together drawing paper, books, toys and vegan ice-cream and go spend the afternoon on our big bed. Bliss!

Yesterday we spent the afternoon at Emily and Nikki's. Apart from me nearly breaking my big toe whilst tripping up their garden steps (ouch!) we had a lovely time. The girls ground various 'stuff' up on stones, played in a tent, made Nikki and I some lovely Barbie play doh foodstuffs and set up a Polly Pocket land (but didn't get time to play anything with it!) I performed my second ever Hopi Ear Candling session on willing victim/volunteer Nikki. (Delete as appropriate!)

Last night we went to Julian's Bower, AKA Alkborough turf maze. Romy and I walked twice round the maze whilst Tilly ran around like the eejit she is. Colin spent a marginally productive few minutes trying to train her to 'stay' as he walked away and not come until she was called. We then sat and watched highly amused as Romy ran beserk with Tilly trying to 'round her up'!! Hee hee. When we got home at around 9pm we played pubs in the garden till ten. Romy served us Diet Coke and crisps while Colin did a good impression of the village 'differently abled person' wrapped up in his furry wolf blanket/throw ;o)))

Only three days until Romy gets her orange belt. The tension mounts!!

Monday, July 25, 2005

Summer Holidays, yay!!!

This year we've decided to have the full six weeks "official" summer holiday off. Normally we just keep in going as we usually do but a bit more relaxed. However I desperately need to get the house sorted so it's going to be a summer of Ebay selling and tidying, then we can start afresh in September. I'm seeing visions of a clear table with lots of work/activities beautifully planned... The reality will no doubt be depressingly different ;o) More like how it is at the moment; piles of books on the table, half-finished work everywhere, drawers overflowing with craft supplies that "just might come in handy one day"! LOL. Never mind, we seem to have fun amid the chaos anyway. I love that old saying about mess; "Those who look don't matter, and those who matter don't look." Hmmm... where's a magic wand when you need one?

After Taekwondo on Saturday we went into Brigg for a look round the charity shops. Not much in there but we did find a wonderful fruit and veg shop. I was drawn into it by the yummy aroma (picture Bisto kid, lol.) They had every kind of fruit, veg, nuts, fresh herbs, etc imaginable. Heaven! Romy was mightily impressed (as were the guinea pigs ;o) when we bought some carrots that still had the green tops on. I could have bought the whole shop!

On Sunday we went to my Mum's for tea again. She's very kindly embroidering my (future) company name onto my aromatherapy massage towels for me. She's got one of those machines that can embroider anything. She's doing a lot of bibs at the moment. The most popular being one that says "I've just done nine months inside" rofl.

Romy's favourite book from the library so far seems to be this one. Some ancient Egyptian artifacts have been stolen from a museum and Inspector Stilton (a mouse!) has to find one on each double page, along with a load of other stuff hiding amongst very detailed pictures. Great fun!

Friday, July 22, 2005

The excitement of a child...

How wrapped up in our adult world we get... It's hard to remember what it felt like to be so excited by something you shivered! This is aparrently how Romy felt this evening when we went to Normanby Park's "Picnic in the Park". All it was was a few fairground rides, sideshows and a stage for performances but to her it obviously seemed like something amazing. (We do take her out, honestly! ;o) The ten pounds I had in my pocket were soon spent I tell you! The most exciting thing I parted with inordinate amounts of cash for was a HUGE inflatable slide (£2 for 6 mins!!!) This aparrently made Romy's tummy hurt because it was sooooo exciting :o) Bless! I just get choked up when I see that look of pure happiness on her face.

We had a walk to Ashby library yesterday. Spent a while reading some books and choosing LOTS (for me to carry home!) Romy signed up for The Reading Voyage. I loved the look on the librarians face when she asked Roo which school she goes to and she replied "I don't go to school." Yey, we're out and proud!! It's a great scheme. The child reads six books over the summer hols and rates them. Each time they bring a book back they tell the librarian a bit about it and collect stickers/pencils/bookmarks, etc. This is the third year Romy's taken part. They even get a medal and certificate at the end.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005


Romy woke up on Monday with a headache and tummy ache. I could tell she wasn't her usual chirpy self. Emily came round to play but Roo was more interested in sitting on my knee. She was feeling really hot. What with the rain too, the afternoon was a bit of a washout! Sorry Emily and Nikki :o( That night Roo's temperature went up to 40c! I got about ten minutes sleep that night as I kept checking her and putting a damp flannel on her forehead. By yesterday morning she was feeling a bit better but nowhere near 100%.

Romy received a lovely parcel of dinosaur related goodies from her friend Katie and her family. There were some fascinating Dinotopia postcards. I'd never heard of it before. There was an Usborne book about dino's, some stickers and some bizarre little coloured capsules. You had to put them in water and inside were little sponge dino shapes that slowly unfurled. Cool!

Still on the subject of Dino's (are we ever off it?) Roo read me this book which is great for practicing reading and also incorporates geography (map reading.) This morning we looked at the BBC's website for "Walking with dinosaurs/beasts" It's fantastic. There are loads of educational games to plaay, such as putting bones back together to create the skeletons of mammoths/dino's and finding out how fossils are made. Last night Roo added some more stickers to the dino sticker atlas with Daddy. That's about all the dinosaur stuff over the last two days!

Romy has developed a penchant for "old fashioned" books. She loves the Enid Blyton books, and yesterday as she was ill we spent a few hours reading some stories from a My Naughty Little Sister book we've had on the shelf for ages (bought from a charity shop for 50p! - Queen of the bargains ;o) Admittedly they are very politically incorrect, but that serves as a great opportunity for discusions. For example, we don't agree with smacking and labelling children as "bad" or "naughty" and Romy gets quite angry at the injustices on the page. We talk about how children were viewed differently in the 1930's though and the stories are excellent, so we put up with it, lol.

Other things we've been up to include some mental maths from this book which we've borrowed from Nikki; watching "Five Children and It"; and playing a great game called Qbz It's good for kids and very addictive for adults too!

I bought myself and Romy one of these vegan wristbands the other day. They do vegetarian ones too. There's a site you can get them from but it seems to be playing up at the moment. www.veggiewristbands.com

Sunday, July 17, 2005

Weekend update.

Saturday morning was spent getting up far too early and going to Taekwondo. Such lovely teachers they have there. If only all school teachers were that great!I think Romy has an unrealistic view of what a teacher is, having a brilliant swimming instructor too, lol. I'm not saying all school teachers are awful. They most certainly aren't. Some are though, and when you're unfortunate to get one it can make your school year hell.

After TKD Daddy took Roo to the museum for an archaeology day full of activities. She came back with arms full of brass rubbings and information about pottery. Very useful when at Nana's today as her garden is full of old bits of buried pottery. Roo loves nothing better than to dig around for it and carefully wrap it up to bring home. Here she is at the museum (looking rather tired - well, I did say we'd got up early!)

While they were off learning about pots I was at home learning about Hopi Ear Candling. I've nearly finished my final paper so I'll be able to add that to the Reiki and Aromatherapy I can offer when I finally get off my bum and start my own business.

After a spot of rock smashing in the garden (to release the fossils we could see in the rockery stones) Romy and I played Taekwondo in the garden. She was the teacher, lol.

Today we went to my Mum's for a lovely outdoor lunch. Thanks Mum. You're the best :o) Romy took her "Baby box" to show her Nana. It's full of stuff like her cord clamp, birth cards, first pair of shoes, etc, etc, etc (it's a BIG box!) I don't like looking through it. It makes me feel all funny. Where did those six years go??? *sob*

Anyway, better go. We've only just come in from playing in the garden (in the dark) while Colin was out. Off to read more adventures from the Faraway Tree folk now. Oh it's a hard life! Well, no school in the morning ;o)

Friday, July 15, 2005

Happy Friendship Day!

A year ago today we met Emily and her parents Nikki and Jon. They were thinking of taking Emily out of school after a disasterous first year. They wanted to meet other home edders before they took the plunge though. Unfortunately for them, we were the weirdo's who got in touch with them, lol. Anyway, Romy and Emily have long since become inseperable and the rest is history! About six months ago Romy had the idea of naming this one-year anniversary "Friendship Day." The girls exchanged cards and presents this afternoon whilst having a play in our garden. Here's a photo of them having a picnic under the climbing frame.

Romy (left) and Emily shortly before making "No dogs allowed" signs after being annoyed by Tilly!

Romy read some more of the Dinosaur Encyclopedia today. She also spent some time playing on these sites www.everythinggirl.com and www.funbrain.com They're great sites to let her have a play on without worrying about their content. The former has all the faves like Barbie, Shelly, My Little Pony, etc. The latter has loads of educational maths, English and science games.

We had a brilliant Keane-fest this morning. We had them on full blast and sang our hearts out. We both love Keane. Bet the neighbours don't though ;o)

So THIS is why we never seem to be organised!

I just did a quiz called "What type of homeschooler are you?" These are my results:
Salvador Dali Melting clocks are not a problem in
your reality. You are an unschooler. You will
tolerate a textbook, but only as a last resort.
Mud is your friend. You prefer hands-on
everything. If your school had an anthem, it
would be Dont Worry, Be Happy. Visit my blog:

What Type of Homeschooler Are You?
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Well, mud most definitely is our friend (especially Romy's!) Lol.

Yesterday Romy wrote and illustrated a story about an Ankylosaurus and then added a T-Rex to her book of dinosaur drawings. We did some maths/sciencey type stuff in the bath; estimating volumes of bottles and predicting sinking/floating objects. She had a great time in the evening playing on her climbing frame which she seems to have just rediscovered. Here are a couple of pics of her eating peas from the garden at the top of the slide (note the mucky feet!)...

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Lazy daze...

Spent most of the day pottering around in the garden. We had our dinner out there which was accompanied by munching rocket and peas from the vegetable "plot". (If you can call it that. It's really just a few pots!). I de-spidered Romy's climbing frame, so she might just play on it now ;o)

Romy spent the morning making a booklet of dinosaur drawings that she'd copied from
this book. She wrote their names and left a space to write some 'stuff' about each one. After dinner she read me a few pages from a "My First Encyclopedia of Dinosaurs". Very impressed with her reading words like "Palaeontologist"!

Romy has spent lots of time practicing her Taekwondo with Daddy tonight. She's getting really quick and proficient. Not long now until her orange belt. Ooooh, exciting!

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Ants in our pants!

We found a huge ants nest in the garden tonight. Caught a few for Romy's ant farm thing, including a flying one. If I remember rightly from Roo's ant project last year, it will either be a new queen or a male.

We had a great afternoon playing with Emily in her garden. The girls did some "modern art" which was basically standing in tray of paint and walking over some paper and an old sheet. Then they cleaned up in the paddling pool! It was fun to watch, so it must have been a blast for them :o) Here are some pics:

Romy (right) and Emily having fun!!

Monday, July 11, 2005

It ain't half hot mum...

Phew! Too hot for me, and only going to get hotter aparrently. Looked at BBC 5-day forecast and it said 29c for Friday!!

We went to Jerry Green's dog's home open day yesterday. Scorching hot though, so we didn't stay long. Long enough for Romy to buy a bag full of dinosaur figures and Polly Pocket's from the car boot sale though!! Tilly thought all her birthdays had come at once with the plethora of dogs passing by. The vast majority of which were much better behaved than her, lol. After this Trial By Dog Leash we went for a BBQ at my Mums'. Again, FAR too hot. Kept telling my Mum to sit down as she looked exhausted by the heat. You know Mums though - can't sit down until everyone's sorted. That's why we love 'em :o)

The girls at the dog show.

We went swimming with Emily and Nikki this afternoon. We were the only ones in for a while, but then a mass influx of people arrived. Boo! Emily has very kindly lent Romy "Walking with Dinosaurs" DVD and a book about how to draw them. She also gave Roo one of those cool excavation kits. Here's a pic of her chipping away at it. Great fun!!

Romy keeps astounding me with how much she's learning and actually taking in/remembering about dinosaurs. Obviously we remember more if we're actually interested in the subject and learn about it in a fun way. I find that the more I 'force' her to do stuff (like reading) and worry about what stage she's at, the more she resists (quiete rightly!) If I take the pressure off and trust her she usually shocks me with the things she can do. This morning she spent a long time drawing a very detailed picture of three cats on a post card and wrote me a lovely message on the back. Her drawing is getting really good. She is also reading very complex stuff now we've laid off the boring (but brilliantly structured) Peter and Jane books. Maybe I'll learn to trust her (and myself!) one day ;o)

Friday, July 08, 2005

If you go down to the woods today...

...You might see two girls paddling in a lake, two mums shouting "don't go in any further!", and a mad dog running around like an idiot... Classic! Here are a few pics.
Romy (left) and Emily.
School anyone?
Here's a teeny tiny frog we found. It was no bigger than my fingernail. Cute!

We ate some peas and rocket grown from the garden today. I'm dead chuffed! They're the first things we've actually tried to grow. There's no stopping us now :o) Eating peas from the pod reminded me of doing the same as a child. Nostalgia!

After our walk in the woods we went to the windmill in Kirton Lindsey. I bought some lovely fresh bread and some yummy vegan biscuits. The girls got a sugar mouse each.

Yey, Maxwell is out of Big Brother!!


Huge sadness over the London bombings. I had a nervous wait after texting my friend Amanda to make sure she was ok. Of course the networks were all jammed so she couldn't reply straight away. Luckily she's fine. Not a very nice thing to try and explain to a six-year-old.

Over the past couple of days we've had dinosaurs coming out of our ears ;o) We remembered that Romy had a leap pad book about dinosaurs, so that came out. I'm not that keen on electronic toys but it seemed to be a fun way to spend half an hour learning more about dino's. We also found this book that I'd bought in a set ages ago from The Book People and not got round to looking at. It's fantastic. We spent ages putting the correct stickers onto each continent and learning all the dinosaur names (or trying to!) We found out that the person who finds the first fossil gets to name the new dinosaur. Look out for a Roo-asaurus in the future then, lol. We also had fun at this site that was sent to us by Nikki. There's loads of dino stuff to print off. There are fact sheets, a mural, etc. Also loads of stuff on other subjects. That's one to bookmark!

We got a cool DVD from Tesco's for a couple of quid the other day. It's called Faeries. Romy loved it.

We've been watching The Elephant Diaries on BBC1 at 7.30 every evening this week. It's been fascinating! Romy's become engrossed and can't wait for the next day's installment.

We had a fun night at Normanby Park last night. There was some sort of end-of-term ball going on so we felt decidedly underdressed, lol. We then went to a pub in Burton on stather for a bit. Roo had a play on some slides and made friends with three girls.

Yesterday was a momentous day at Taekwondo. Romy had her first "Tip test" That means she got a little black band on the end of her white belt. They do this every month for two months and then on the third month they get the next belt. However, because they have set times for these tests and Roo joined in the middle she will get her orange belt after only getting one "tip". Clear as mud innit? The graduation is on the 30th July at 9.30am in Brigg if any friends or family would like to see her getting her orange belt. Anyway, here's a pic of The Proud One ;o) Excuse the mess, rofl!!

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Walking with dinosaurs.

Ok, so the dinosaur obsession has really taken hold now. Of course Colin's reaction was to hope we have a future palaeontologist on our hands, rofl! We devoured about a third of this book. There was too much to take in all in one go. Romy is currently talking Daddy through the things she's learnt today. ("Here are the tail bones of the Diplodocus. We don't have tails any more because we've evolved to walk upright. We do have a tail bone though, called a coccyx, it's from when we were monkeys").I'm amazed that she's remembered it all! She was having a good laugh at my (feeble)attempts at dinosaur name pronunciation as we read the book, lol. We've just been to Tesco's where we bought a bag of plastic dinosaurs for a couple of quid. We're going to have an identifying session in a mo' using the book. Romy has now finished regailing Colin and is now photographing the plastic dinosaurs ;o)

Romy did some fantastic reading today. She fetched this Lauren Child book from the shelf and read it all perfectly; intonation and voices too. She was so chuffed, she went to get this one and read that as well. We love Lauren Child. I find her books so hilarious and refreshing. She's a genius! After reading to me, Romy set about drawing some of the illustrations with speech bubbles.

We've also had more fun with the photocopier/printer. Romy loves nothing more than arranging various "stuff" onto it and giggling when it's printed out. Today's modern art was a screwdriver/library card/lottery ticket/hair clip/pen/scoubidou ensemble!!

Romy got a letter at Rainbows tonight saying that one of the leaders is getting married in September and could all the Rainbows turn up in uniform as a suprise. OMG, I thought this was hilarious! Can you imagine this poor woman's face when a gaggle of girlies in bright green tabards descend upon the church on her special day? I'm sure it will be a suprise, maybe not the sort she'd like though :o)

Monday, July 04, 2005

Late night ramblings...

I've just come off the phone with my Mum after a 2 hour natter in which we put the world to rights, but I'm determined to update before I go to bed. I hope Romy and I have as good a relationship as me and my Mum when she grows up. I love her to bits :o)

Anyway, this morning we did some dressing up. Romy became various princesses and I had to be the queen. Here are a couple of pics...

This is Princess Jasmine photographed after a spot of belly dancing.

And here is Belle singing her heart out to the Beast (me?)

Romy whizzed through another Sudoku puzzle last night and then made one for me to do! She flummoxed me with another question this morning (previous ones I've been unable to answer include "what are eyeballs made of?") She asked how fossils are made. I went into a long explanation about dinosaurs dying in peat bogs and being preserved but then the logical next question (and one which I couldn't answer) was "yes, but how do they get made into stone?" Well, luckily we had a couple of dinosaur books lurking in the back of her wardrobe waiting for such a moment. We had a quick flip through them before we had to get ready to go out swimming. Romy was fascinated by a picture we found of a grasshopper and spider trapped inside some amber (which had been made into a necklace - yuck!) So anyway, I daresay we'll be reading all about dinosaurs tomorrow as Romy seems to find it all really interesting. That's the great thing about home ed for me. I'm learning so much along side Romy (which doesn't say much for my education, lol) I think it's important for Romy to know I don't have all the answers (but the internet does ;o)) Some teachers like to make out that they know everything when really it's only that they have their notes prepared for each term. Every hour is planned to the last detail and there can be little room for individuality. If a child asks a question they can be met with the response "We'll be doing that in year 3 term 2" or whatever. I know I did at school. By then you've forgotten your question or lost interest. It's nice to be able to go in whatever direction Romy wants and to help her to find the answers to her questions as and when they arise. Who knows, one day I might be asked what eyeballs are made of and actually be able to give a coherent answer, lol.

In the afternoon we spent two hours in the pool with Emily and Nikki. Nikki and I were flippin' freezing by the end of it but the girls would've stayed in all day I think. Romy has her under-water handstands perfected now. She must have gills or something; she can stay under water for so long!! It was great because the pool was empty. Another good thing about home ed! :o)))

We got a letter at Taekwondo today to say that the next graduation is on the 30th of this month. So hopefully Romy will be getting her orange belt. It's supposed to take 3 months but Romy will only have been going for 1 1/2. I wasn't sure about it, but the teacher said she wouldn't have been put in for it if they didn't think she'd get it. Fair enough. Needless to say Roo is very excited.

Better go to bed now, but here's a quick pic of Squeak; one of our guinea pigs who's ever-so slightly overweight (ahem!) I wonder why? Here he is nibbling a crust of bread that was supposed to be Tilly's!

Sunday, July 03, 2005

Ickle Baba...

Here is Romy with her cousin Connor and new baby cousin Leyton. He looks like he's winking doesn't he? We went to Grimsby to see Colin's sister Kay today. Leyton was born about 10 days ago. He's gorgeous and has the Smithson big, dark, eyes.

Colin has gone out to his friends' house so Romy and I are having our weekly Girls Night In. Romy is just outside releasing a dozen snails back into the "wild" after they'd been kept for two days with lettuce for "observation purposes" Lol. Then we're off to lay on the bed and do Sudoku puzzles, read stories and have some munchies :o)

Cluedo went down very well last night. In fact I'm ashamed to say that Romy won! She always does. It's very damaging to my self-esteem being beaten by a six-year-old ;o) She beats me at Rummy too. Not to mention Guess Who, Mastermind, Monoploly, Game of Life, etc, etc. I'm glad we didn't buy junior cluedo like we were going to. She had no problem 'getting' the adult version. The junior one was based on someone stealing the last piece of cake. You had to find out who ate it, in what room, and whith which drink. A lot nicer that being murdered by a lead pipe in the billiard room :o)

Saturday, July 02, 2005


Yesterday we went to Emily's for the afternoon. Nikki and I were audience to a lovely play put on by the girls. Can't quite remember the complex plot but it had something to do with cat weddings, rofl! We were treated to some lovely vegan buns which Nikki has now given me the recipe for.

Romy went to her swimming lesson yesterday too. She is doing so well. She had to jump in at the deep end, swim through a hoop, pick up a rubber brick and swim back with it. Gosh! (Worryingly that's more than I could do.)

Taekwondo was great again this morning. Romy's getting good at shouting. She loves that bit ;o) The teachers are all so lovely. They're always giving the kids "high five's" and encouraging them. Mind you, for the money we're paying I should hope they are nice :-o

We gave Football a miss this morning. Colin got a footballing injury himself last night and he's one of the coaches for Romy's team so we went into town instead. Bought 'Cluedo' with a Woolworths voucher that Colin got for his birthday. We've played the other games we've got to death, so it'll be nice to play a new one! Talking of games; I love doing those Sudoku puzzles. I found a Junior Sudoku book at the newsagents the other day and Romy got the hang of them straight away. I was very impressed.

This afternoon we went to the museum with Emily and Nikki to make Mosaic plant pots. It was great fun and the results are brilliant as you can see from the pic.

Just come back from Twigmoor woods and Romy is fagged out on the settee. Tee hee.

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