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Friday, July 15, 2005

Happy Friendship Day!

A year ago today we met Emily and her parents Nikki and Jon. They were thinking of taking Emily out of school after a disasterous first year. They wanted to meet other home edders before they took the plunge though. Unfortunately for them, we were the weirdo's who got in touch with them, lol. Anyway, Romy and Emily have long since become inseperable and the rest is history! About six months ago Romy had the idea of naming this one-year anniversary "Friendship Day." The girls exchanged cards and presents this afternoon whilst having a play in our garden. Here's a photo of them having a picnic under the climbing frame.

Romy (left) and Emily shortly before making "No dogs allowed" signs after being annoyed by Tilly!

Romy read some more of the Dinosaur Encyclopedia today. She also spent some time playing on these sites www.everythinggirl.com and www.funbrain.com They're great sites to let her have a play on without worrying about their content. The former has all the faves like Barbie, Shelly, My Little Pony, etc. The latter has loads of educational maths, English and science games.

We had a brilliant Keane-fest this morning. We had them on full blast and sang our hearts out. We both love Keane. Bet the neighbours don't though ;o)


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