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Sunday, July 03, 2005

Ickle Baba...

Here is Romy with her cousin Connor and new baby cousin Leyton. He looks like he's winking doesn't he? We went to Grimsby to see Colin's sister Kay today. Leyton was born about 10 days ago. He's gorgeous and has the Smithson big, dark, eyes.

Colin has gone out to his friends' house so Romy and I are having our weekly Girls Night In. Romy is just outside releasing a dozen snails back into the "wild" after they'd been kept for two days with lettuce for "observation purposes" Lol. Then we're off to lay on the bed and do Sudoku puzzles, read stories and have some munchies :o)

Cluedo went down very well last night. In fact I'm ashamed to say that Romy won! She always does. It's very damaging to my self-esteem being beaten by a six-year-old ;o) She beats me at Rummy too. Not to mention Guess Who, Mastermind, Monoploly, Game of Life, etc, etc. I'm glad we didn't buy junior cluedo like we were going to. She had no problem 'getting' the adult version. The junior one was based on someone stealing the last piece of cake. You had to find out who ate it, in what room, and whith which drink. A lot nicer that being murdered by a lead pipe in the billiard room :o)


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