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Monday, July 11, 2005

It ain't half hot mum...

Phew! Too hot for me, and only going to get hotter aparrently. Looked at BBC 5-day forecast and it said 29c for Friday!!

We went to Jerry Green's dog's home open day yesterday. Scorching hot though, so we didn't stay long. Long enough for Romy to buy a bag full of dinosaur figures and Polly Pocket's from the car boot sale though!! Tilly thought all her birthdays had come at once with the plethora of dogs passing by. The vast majority of which were much better behaved than her, lol. After this Trial By Dog Leash we went for a BBQ at my Mums'. Again, FAR too hot. Kept telling my Mum to sit down as she looked exhausted by the heat. You know Mums though - can't sit down until everyone's sorted. That's why we love 'em :o)

The girls at the dog show.

We went swimming with Emily and Nikki this afternoon. We were the only ones in for a while, but then a mass influx of people arrived. Boo! Emily has very kindly lent Romy "Walking with Dinosaurs" DVD and a book about how to draw them. She also gave Roo one of those cool excavation kits. Here's a pic of her chipping away at it. Great fun!!

Romy keeps astounding me with how much she's learning and actually taking in/remembering about dinosaurs. Obviously we remember more if we're actually interested in the subject and learn about it in a fun way. I find that the more I 'force' her to do stuff (like reading) and worry about what stage she's at, the more she resists (quiete rightly!) If I take the pressure off and trust her she usually shocks me with the things she can do. This morning she spent a long time drawing a very detailed picture of three cats on a post card and wrote me a lovely message on the back. Her drawing is getting really good. She is also reading very complex stuff now we've laid off the boring (but brilliantly structured) Peter and Jane books. Maybe I'll learn to trust her (and myself!) one day ;o)


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