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Monday, July 04, 2005

Late night ramblings...

I've just come off the phone with my Mum after a 2 hour natter in which we put the world to rights, but I'm determined to update before I go to bed. I hope Romy and I have as good a relationship as me and my Mum when she grows up. I love her to bits :o)

Anyway, this morning we did some dressing up. Romy became various princesses and I had to be the queen. Here are a couple of pics...

This is Princess Jasmine photographed after a spot of belly dancing.

And here is Belle singing her heart out to the Beast (me?)

Romy whizzed through another Sudoku puzzle last night and then made one for me to do! She flummoxed me with another question this morning (previous ones I've been unable to answer include "what are eyeballs made of?") She asked how fossils are made. I went into a long explanation about dinosaurs dying in peat bogs and being preserved but then the logical next question (and one which I couldn't answer) was "yes, but how do they get made into stone?" Well, luckily we had a couple of dinosaur books lurking in the back of her wardrobe waiting for such a moment. We had a quick flip through them before we had to get ready to go out swimming. Romy was fascinated by a picture we found of a grasshopper and spider trapped inside some amber (which had been made into a necklace - yuck!) So anyway, I daresay we'll be reading all about dinosaurs tomorrow as Romy seems to find it all really interesting. That's the great thing about home ed for me. I'm learning so much along side Romy (which doesn't say much for my education, lol) I think it's important for Romy to know I don't have all the answers (but the internet does ;o)) Some teachers like to make out that they know everything when really it's only that they have their notes prepared for each term. Every hour is planned to the last detail and there can be little room for individuality. If a child asks a question they can be met with the response "We'll be doing that in year 3 term 2" or whatever. I know I did at school. By then you've forgotten your question or lost interest. It's nice to be able to go in whatever direction Romy wants and to help her to find the answers to her questions as and when they arise. Who knows, one day I might be asked what eyeballs are made of and actually be able to give a coherent answer, lol.

In the afternoon we spent two hours in the pool with Emily and Nikki. Nikki and I were flippin' freezing by the end of it but the girls would've stayed in all day I think. Romy has her under-water handstands perfected now. She must have gills or something; she can stay under water for so long!! It was great because the pool was empty. Another good thing about home ed! :o)))

We got a letter at Taekwondo today to say that the next graduation is on the 30th of this month. So hopefully Romy will be getting her orange belt. It's supposed to take 3 months but Romy will only have been going for 1 1/2. I wasn't sure about it, but the teacher said she wouldn't have been put in for it if they didn't think she'd get it. Fair enough. Needless to say Roo is very excited.

Better go to bed now, but here's a quick pic of Squeak; one of our guinea pigs who's ever-so slightly overweight (ahem!) I wonder why? Here he is nibbling a crust of bread that was supposed to be Tilly's!


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Welcome to the blogring :)

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Blogger Kris said...

Another guinea pig fan. :-D My guineas are due to have piglets in a couple of weeks.

And welcome to the MudPud blogring too!

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