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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Lazy daze...

Spent most of the day pottering around in the garden. We had our dinner out there which was accompanied by munching rocket and peas from the vegetable "plot". (If you can call it that. It's really just a few pots!). I de-spidered Romy's climbing frame, so she might just play on it now ;o)

Romy spent the morning making a booklet of dinosaur drawings that she'd copied from
this book. She wrote their names and left a space to write some 'stuff' about each one. After dinner she read me a few pages from a "My First Encyclopedia of Dinosaurs". Very impressed with her reading words like "Palaeontologist"!

Romy has spent lots of time practicing her Taekwondo with Daddy tonight. She's getting really quick and proficient. Not long now until her orange belt. Ooooh, exciting!


Blogger Nikki said...

Glad you like the dinasour drawing book, Romy! You'll have to show us your drawings when we see you next xxxx

2:23 PM  

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