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Wednesday, July 20, 2005


Romy woke up on Monday with a headache and tummy ache. I could tell she wasn't her usual chirpy self. Emily came round to play but Roo was more interested in sitting on my knee. She was feeling really hot. What with the rain too, the afternoon was a bit of a washout! Sorry Emily and Nikki :o( That night Roo's temperature went up to 40c! I got about ten minutes sleep that night as I kept checking her and putting a damp flannel on her forehead. By yesterday morning she was feeling a bit better but nowhere near 100%.

Romy received a lovely parcel of dinosaur related goodies from her friend Katie and her family. There were some fascinating Dinotopia postcards. I'd never heard of it before. There was an Usborne book about dino's, some stickers and some bizarre little coloured capsules. You had to put them in water and inside were little sponge dino shapes that slowly unfurled. Cool!

Still on the subject of Dino's (are we ever off it?) Roo read me this book which is great for practicing reading and also incorporates geography (map reading.) This morning we looked at the BBC's website for "Walking with dinosaurs/beasts" It's fantastic. There are loads of educational games to plaay, such as putting bones back together to create the skeletons of mammoths/dino's and finding out how fossils are made. Last night Roo added some more stickers to the dino sticker atlas with Daddy. That's about all the dinosaur stuff over the last two days!

Romy has developed a penchant for "old fashioned" books. She loves the Enid Blyton books, and yesterday as she was ill we spent a few hours reading some stories from a My Naughty Little Sister book we've had on the shelf for ages (bought from a charity shop for 50p! - Queen of the bargains ;o) Admittedly they are very politically incorrect, but that serves as a great opportunity for discusions. For example, we don't agree with smacking and labelling children as "bad" or "naughty" and Romy gets quite angry at the injustices on the page. We talk about how children were viewed differently in the 1930's though and the stories are excellent, so we put up with it, lol.

Other things we've been up to include some mental maths from this book which we've borrowed from Nikki; watching "Five Children and It"; and playing a great game called Qbz It's good for kids and very addictive for adults too!

I bought myself and Romy one of these vegan wristbands the other day. They do vegetarian ones too. There's a site you can get them from but it seems to be playing up at the moment. www.veggiewristbands.com


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