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Thursday, July 28, 2005

School flashbacks!

Went to Taekwondo tonight and I had school-type flashbacks which reminded me of another reason I haven't sent Roo to school. The kids were being a bit rowdy - well some of them were. Others (including Romy) were sitting patiently for the class to start. The teachers kept coming out with all those old cliches; "We'll wait here all night if we have to" "It's your time you're wasting" etc, etc, etc. Basically it makes me angry that all the kids are tarred with the same brush. Those who are being well behaved have to suffer because of the rowdy ones. Instead of singling them out the teachers come out with all that "We'll all have to wait until it's quiet" crap. The rowdy ones carry on because they don't really care and the quiet ones sit there thinking "What's the point of doing as I'm asked? No-one's taking any notice of me." Not to mention I'm stood there thinking "I'm paying a bloody fortune for this class, now teach my kid!" :o) Obviously this is the type of "socialisation" that some people think Romy is missing out on. All I remember feeling was boredom and frustration in most of my classes. At least at home I don't have 29 other children to sort out before I get to Romy.

Anyhoo, we spent a very rainy day indoors printing out Madagascar stickers and playing lots of games on this site: http://www.madagascar-themovie.com/ We're off to make some wool pom poms now (for no reason!)

Weighed the guinea pigs this afternoon. As I suspected, Squeak is overweight at1300g. Adult males should weigh between 900 and 1200g aparrently. Pip was 1kg exactly, so he's fine. Next home ed project should be "design a guinea pig gym" I think, rofl!


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