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Friday, July 15, 2005

So THIS is why we never seem to be organised!

I just did a quiz called "What type of homeschooler are you?" These are my results:
Salvador Dali Melting clocks are not a problem in
your reality. You are an unschooler. You will
tolerate a textbook, but only as a last resort.
Mud is your friend. You prefer hands-on
everything. If your school had an anthem, it
would be Dont Worry, Be Happy. Visit my blog:

What Type of Homeschooler Are You?
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Well, mud most definitely is our friend (especially Romy's!) Lol.

Yesterday Romy wrote and illustrated a story about an Ankylosaurus and then added a T-Rex to her book of dinosaur drawings. We did some maths/sciencey type stuff in the bath; estimating volumes of bottles and predicting sinking/floating objects. She had a great time in the evening playing on her climbing frame which she seems to have just rediscovered. Here are a couple of pics of her eating peas from the garden at the top of the slide (note the mucky feet!)...


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