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Monday, July 25, 2005

Summer Holidays, yay!!!

This year we've decided to have the full six weeks "official" summer holiday off. Normally we just keep in going as we usually do but a bit more relaxed. However I desperately need to get the house sorted so it's going to be a summer of Ebay selling and tidying, then we can start afresh in September. I'm seeing visions of a clear table with lots of work/activities beautifully planned... The reality will no doubt be depressingly different ;o) More like how it is at the moment; piles of books on the table, half-finished work everywhere, drawers overflowing with craft supplies that "just might come in handy one day"! LOL. Never mind, we seem to have fun amid the chaos anyway. I love that old saying about mess; "Those who look don't matter, and those who matter don't look." Hmmm... where's a magic wand when you need one?

After Taekwondo on Saturday we went into Brigg for a look round the charity shops. Not much in there but we did find a wonderful fruit and veg shop. I was drawn into it by the yummy aroma (picture Bisto kid, lol.) They had every kind of fruit, veg, nuts, fresh herbs, etc imaginable. Heaven! Romy was mightily impressed (as were the guinea pigs ;o) when we bought some carrots that still had the green tops on. I could have bought the whole shop!

On Sunday we went to my Mum's for tea again. She's very kindly embroidering my (future) company name onto my aromatherapy massage towels for me. She's got one of those machines that can embroider anything. She's doing a lot of bibs at the moment. The most popular being one that says "I've just done nine months inside" rofl.

Romy's favourite book from the library so far seems to be this one. Some ancient Egyptian artifacts have been stolen from a museum and Inspector Stilton (a mouse!) has to find one on each double page, along with a load of other stuff hiding amongst very detailed pictures. Great fun!


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