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Saturday, July 02, 2005


Yesterday we went to Emily's for the afternoon. Nikki and I were audience to a lovely play put on by the girls. Can't quite remember the complex plot but it had something to do with cat weddings, rofl! We were treated to some lovely vegan buns which Nikki has now given me the recipe for.

Romy went to her swimming lesson yesterday too. She is doing so well. She had to jump in at the deep end, swim through a hoop, pick up a rubber brick and swim back with it. Gosh! (Worryingly that's more than I could do.)

Taekwondo was great again this morning. Romy's getting good at shouting. She loves that bit ;o) The teachers are all so lovely. They're always giving the kids "high five's" and encouraging them. Mind you, for the money we're paying I should hope they are nice :-o

We gave Football a miss this morning. Colin got a footballing injury himself last night and he's one of the coaches for Romy's team so we went into town instead. Bought 'Cluedo' with a Woolworths voucher that Colin got for his birthday. We've played the other games we've got to death, so it'll be nice to play a new one! Talking of games; I love doing those Sudoku puzzles. I found a Junior Sudoku book at the newsagents the other day and Romy got the hang of them straight away. I was very impressed.

This afternoon we went to the museum with Emily and Nikki to make Mosaic plant pots. It was great fun and the results are brilliant as you can see from the pic.

Just come back from Twigmoor woods and Romy is fagged out on the settee. Tee hee.


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