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Friday, July 08, 2005


Huge sadness over the London bombings. I had a nervous wait after texting my friend Amanda to make sure she was ok. Of course the networks were all jammed so she couldn't reply straight away. Luckily she's fine. Not a very nice thing to try and explain to a six-year-old.

Over the past couple of days we've had dinosaurs coming out of our ears ;o) We remembered that Romy had a leap pad book about dinosaurs, so that came out. I'm not that keen on electronic toys but it seemed to be a fun way to spend half an hour learning more about dino's. We also found this book that I'd bought in a set ages ago from The Book People and not got round to looking at. It's fantastic. We spent ages putting the correct stickers onto each continent and learning all the dinosaur names (or trying to!) We found out that the person who finds the first fossil gets to name the new dinosaur. Look out for a Roo-asaurus in the future then, lol. We also had fun at this site that was sent to us by Nikki. There's loads of dino stuff to print off. There are fact sheets, a mural, etc. Also loads of stuff on other subjects. That's one to bookmark!

We got a cool DVD from Tesco's for a couple of quid the other day. It's called Faeries. Romy loved it.

We've been watching The Elephant Diaries on BBC1 at 7.30 every evening this week. It's been fascinating! Romy's become engrossed and can't wait for the next day's installment.

We had a fun night at Normanby Park last night. There was some sort of end-of-term ball going on so we felt decidedly underdressed, lol. We then went to a pub in Burton on stather for a bit. Roo had a play on some slides and made friends with three girls.

Yesterday was a momentous day at Taekwondo. Romy had her first "Tip test" That means she got a little black band on the end of her white belt. They do this every month for two months and then on the third month they get the next belt. However, because they have set times for these tests and Roo joined in the middle she will get her orange belt after only getting one "tip". Clear as mud innit? The graduation is on the 30th July at 9.30am in Brigg if any friends or family would like to see her getting her orange belt. Anyway, here's a pic of The Proud One ;o) Excuse the mess, rofl!!


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