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Monday, August 29, 2005

I-spy in A&E at 2am!

Well, Saturday night/Sunday morning was spent in A&E. I've been having some funny feelings in my chest recently. I've been to the G.P who said "lose weight." Very helpful, er, not. Anyway, thanks to Nikki for taking me and sitting with Roo in the waiting room.

I went to bed on Saturday night and had three of the's episodes in a row and I was petrified. I woke Colin up and he suggested we go to A&E. So we dragged Romy out of bed (with much grumbling!) and off we went. Poor Roo was tired and a bit scared. The nurse was wonderful at putting her at ease though. I had all sorts of tests; ECG, thyroid, blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol, etc and they were all normal. So it's a mystery :o( Doc just said to go back to my GP if it happens again. Hmmm... helpful! Whilst we were waiting for the blood test results Colin nodded off and Romy and I played "I-spy" very surreal at 2am! She can't have been that worried though, as when we got back in she said "Teddy had fun!" Er, ok, at least one of us did then, lol. The upshot of all this poorliness and worry is that I've lost 3 1/2 stone, so am looking good even though am feeling crap ;o)

So what else have we been up to in the past few days? Well, Roo and I have experimented with some calligraphy. I used to be quite good at it but haven't done any for a while. We found the pen the other day so we thought we'd have a dabble. It was fun.

Romy has started to read me "Charlotte's Web" which is the first BIG book she's attempted. I'm mightily impressed with her :o) Still on the subject of books, we got the new set of fairy books from Nikki the other day. The Jewel Fairies. It all started with the Rainbow Fairies and has spiralled out of control! There now seems to be hundreds of the bleedin' books. Romy just LOVES them though. She did a fairy project a few months back and a lot of it was based on those books. She invented a new set of fairies for the series "The Pet Fairies" and made profiles up for all of them. So how spooked were we when we looked in the back of the new books and saw the words "Coming soon: The Pet Fairies"!!!!!! OMG, could we sue? LOL. Some of them even have the same names that Roo made up, including Penny the Pony Fairy. Weird!

Saturday was Nikki's birthday so I took her round some flowers. I just couldn't think what to get her. Doesn't bode well for xmas then Nikki, lol. We then went to a friend's little boys' 1st birthday party. I used to know him when he was 14 (and I was 16) and here we are with kids. Him 29 and me er... ;o) It was interesting to see how everyone had aged.

Finally on to Sunday (yesterday.) We went round to my Mum's for a BBQ. I couldn't manage much food but it was nice to see everyone. My friend Amanda from London rang last night and we had a lovely 1 1/2 hour chat while Roo and Colin had several games of Guess Who upstairs. Great stuff!

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Seaside Shenanigans!

Not been on the computer for a few days, so thought I'd better update while I can still vaguely remember what we've done, lol.

On Saturday Roo went to football practice and then we went into town to look around the charity shops etc. Then on Sunday we went to Skegness for the day. My Aunty and Grandma are there on a two-week holiday so we, my Mum, Dad, sister and her Beau descended on them for the day. Romy had a whale of a time. Not suprising when people kept pushing £5 notes into her hand!! Where were mine? ;o) We even won a couple of toys on those 'grabber machines.'

Here's the result of all that money...

Making Sand Angels!

The Princess on her noble steed.

Log flume ahoy!!

On Brian the Donkey, (yes, really!)

On Monday we spent a rainy day reading the whole of The Seaside Family from the Family Collection book. Phew! We also made some lovely bead people brooches from a kit that my Mum gave to Romy. They turned out really well. Here's a pic. It's not very clear but it gives an idea. Romy's is the one with yellow hair. She managed to make it all by herself :o)

Monday also saw Romy getting her first of two tips on her orange belt at Taekwondo. She was so chuffed! Another tip next month and then the month after it will be the yellow belt graduation. Gosh, it's going so fast.

Yesterday (Tuesday) we went to play at Romy's friend Abigail's house for the afternoon before we made our way again to TKD. We seem to live at that place, lol. Romy loves it so much though. The grin doesn't leave her face the whole time she's there. Colin bought her some sparring pads he found cheap in Woolies yesterday, so they were practicing punches and kicks in (relative!) safety last night.

And so to today... Another rainy day so we might read The Queen Elizabeth Family from the book, and do some more craft-type things. I've got a contact lens appointment tonight so nothing too exciting, lol.

Friday, August 19, 2005

Bedroom rainbows.

Yesterday Romy and I spent nearly all day on the bed reading books. The sun was shining through the window and making scores of rainbows dance around the room because of the hanging crystals I have up. We decided they were rainbow fairies :o)

We also went for a walk to the library and I had to pay a HUUUUGGE fine for my books being a few days late :o( I had to take "How Clean is Your House?" back as someone had reserved it. This is despite the fact I hadn't got around to reading it as it was in a pile on the landing. That says a lot about why I actually NEED to read it, lol. Romy got her third and fourth set of stickers for her reading voyage thing and chose a load more books. At least children don't get fined!

This afternoon we went to Nikki and Emily's house to visit their new (and incredibly cute) kittens. They're just two little balls of fluff!

I coloured my own hair on Tuesday. It was supposed to be blonde but turned out bright orange!! Mind you, it can't be as bad as I though because my friend Theresa said "You're looking very beautiful today" Bless! Don't you just love friends like that? :o)))

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

A brilliant birthday bash!

Last night we went to our friend Lewis's 11th birthday party. As usual it was fantastic. Last year he had an Olympics themed party, this year it had a survival theme. Lewis is a big fan of all things Ray Mears, so there was a camp fire and lovely barbecued food. Thanks go to Denise and Nigel for making the gorgeous food and generally making the party go with a swing. Romy had a brilliant time playing with Katie and the other children. Here they are playing musical chairs:

It was a lovely sunny evening and we didn't go home until 9 o'clock. We could've stayed all night if it wasn't for Tilly in the car (and the fact that Denise may not have wanted us to, lol.)

Romy got a lovely goodie box filled with dinosaurs and other nice things. I, along with the other mums got a beautiful posy of dried Roses. I need to find somewhere to put them where I can look at them always.

Here's Roo with her goodie box and a pic of all the children at the party.

David, Etienne, Romy, Katie, Little Rosa, Lewis, and Ira at the front.

Monday, August 15, 2005


We spent a lovely time at Alkborough turf maze with Nikki and Emily today. Here are a couple of pics of Romy and Emily enjoying themselves.

Afterwards we went to Normanby park for a while. The girls collected a bag full of "nature" which they then 'divvied' out on the back seat on the way home ("A leaf for you, some mud for me".) Eek!

We found yet another Enid Blyton anthology at The Works when we went into town on Saturday. It's The Family Collection which is all about a family who live in various different homes, such as horse-drawn caravans and house boats. Needless to say Roo is loving it and I have a sore throat from reading ;o)

Sunday afternoon was spent at my Mum's house. Romy got her favourite Linda McCartney pie for Sunday Dinner, lol. Nana spoils her :o))) She spoils me too, as she sewed Roo's two swimming badges on her towel so that I didn't have to. Thanks Mum, I owe you one (or several thousand!) Here's Romy modelling it:

The ones on the left are her seahorse and dolphin badges and on the right are the distance ones. While I'm at it here's a pic of the back of the towel just cos' it's so nice. My Mum made it of course!

Went for a lovely meal at Pizza Hut tonight for a rare treat. They do lovely vegan pizzas as you can ask for them without cheese.

I've been looking through my old CD's and came accross my Dan Reed Network ones. Oh how I used to love them and worship the Long-Haired One in my youth! I put a couple of songs on this afternoon and briefly tried to return to said youth for a while. Alas it was not to be. Am now the wrong side of 30 and must face up to being a grown-up at last! *Sob*

Friday, August 12, 2005

Scary mask!

Yesterday we went to the museum with Emily and Nikki to a workshop decorating masks and fans. Here's Romy's scaaaaary effort:

We also had a look at the "Medieval Machines" exhibition they have on at the moment. It was great fun and very 'hands on'. Here's Romy watching Emily have a go on a jousting horse:

And here they are putting the pieces into a stained glass window puzzle:

Afterwards we went to a brand new park in Ashby. It's really nice but of course has been graffiti'ed already :o( Here's Roo tackling a climbing wall:

We went there again today with Roo's friend Abigail. After they got fed up of playing on the equipment (or trying to because there were so many teenagers on everything, grrrr) they lay down in the dry mud to make 'dirt angels' (like snow angels, but muckier, lol.) Were they filthy!!! :o))))

Romy got her 5 and 10m awards at swimming today, at last! She should have had them ages ago. She actually swam 25m backstroke today, so she'll hopefully be getting that award and her Dolphin level two at the end of this course. I'm so proud of her :o))))))))))

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Happy Birthday Tilly!

It's our dogs' first birthday today. She got a new collar, some treats and some flea stuff :o) Romy made her a lovely card this afternoon from a sheet of that craft foam stuff, lol.

Continuing with the creative theme, Romy had such a good idea today. She got me to photograph her in various ballet poses, printed them out, cut round them and stuck them onto paper. She then drew a stage complete with curtains and printed off some tutu's from the computer. She cut them out and stuck them on the photo's of herself. The result is amazing! I didn't even know what she wanted the photo's for, so when she presented me with it as a gift I was over the moon :o) I stuck it on my bedroom door. I love it!!

We're feeling a bit better now. Roo is outside at the moment with Colin practicing Taekwondo. Unfortunately it's sending Tilly mad as she thinks they're hurting each other ;o)

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Quick update...

We're not too well at this end. The cold Romy came back from camp with has spread to me, so we're just pottering around for a few days playing, reading and watching TV.

I bought Romy this CD-ROM from ASDA last night. She's had a go at some of the activities this morning. Although it's aimed at year 3 and Romy would've only just finished year 1 it seemed about the right level. In fact some of it was really easy. The only thing I had to explain (because we haven't covered it) was about materials conducting electricity. Once she twigged it was anything metal she was away.

We've also been playing this game Chuzzle. It's hilarious and really good for Romy's thinking skills. She beats me! Mind you, that's nothing new, lol.

Sunday, August 07, 2005

First Annual "Motheringham" Festival!

Back from camp and we had a brilliant time, apart from having to come home a bit early because of Roo not feeling very well :o( It was in Metheringham but one of the Mums had the idea of calling it the Motheringham camp. I think it has a lovely ring to it, don't you?

We arrived on Thursday teatime to join Denise, Nigel and their children Lewis and Katie who were already there. Romy and Katie immediately paired up and we hardly saw them for the rest of the weekend ;o) After putting the tent up and finding the (spidery!) toilet whilst the kids dug in the mud for "archaeology" we had something to eat. The menfolk and kiddywinks and Tilly went for a walk with torches whilst Denise and I had a lovely long talk in her tent in the rain. Then it was to bed (in the pouring rain!) I finally managed to get to sleep at 7am(!) only to wake up again at 8.45. Hmmm, 1 and 3/4 hours, not bad for me not in my own bed, lol.

Here's a pic of Roo already looking poorly, having her breakfast the next morning (soup!) I'm at the side teaching Katie to "Scoubie" :o)

After breakfast Megan and Mark arrived with their (incredibly gorgeous) children and two dogs. One of them is Tilly's little sister, but that didn't stop them barking like mad at each other! Megan and I took the dogs for a run (them, not us!) led through fields by Romy, Katie and her friend David. We had to pass three dogs over two stiles between us. It wasn't until the way back that Katie informed us their was a short-cut that avoided the stiles, lol. I did my good deed for the day when I turned into "Mad Vegan Animal Liberation Woman." All I needed was a balaclava! Megan pointed out a magpie trap. I, being a Townie had never heard of them. Aparrently they're illegal but they put a magpie in a cage and when another one comes to see it, attracted by its distress calls , it too becomes trapped and then they're both shot by the game-keeper. I was horrified, so you can guess what I did. I was very proud of myself!

The girls collected a whole host of macarbe items on the walk to put on their archaeology/museum table. They then wrote a list of opening times and admission prices so that we could all come and view the exhibits. One of the more disgusting things was a birds' wing (complete with bones!) Here's a pic of some of the 'stuff'.

We came home that evening for Romy's swimming lesson as she was supposed to be getting her 5 and 10m badges but they weren't ready. Was I mad!! Never mind, at least Colin got to take his pillow back with him. He still thinks he's a hard teenage camper who uses a folded t-shirt for a pillow. He's now realised he's a home-comforts-lovin' thirty-something who needs his pillow. Bless! I freely admit I can't sleep unless I have my own two specific pillows. Must be getting old ;o)

By the time we returned the rest of the families had arrived including Fabienne with whom I had a lovely long conversation about raw-foodism. She's an inspiration to me. So beautiful and healthy and her food looked gorgeous and colourful compared to our bags of 'rubbish' we took.

I slept a bit better that night, although it was obvious by then that Roo was coming down with a particularly nasty cold. So yesterday she spent a while playing with Katie in her tent and then in ours before curling up on my knee while poor Colin took the tent down and tried to pack all the stuff (which seemed to have tripled in quantity) tardis-style into the car. We just had time to take part in a quiz around the camp-fire before we set off home. And last night was spent blissfully in my own bed, mmmmmm.... Here are some more pics:

Romy (left) and Katie threading beads.

Having a girlie chat in Katie's tent.

Having a "sleepover without the sleeping" in our tent.

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Swallows and Amazons Forever!

We're going camping today with a group of home ed friends. We're supposed to be setting of as soon as Colin returns from work but we're woefully unprepared. I haven't even sorted out the stuff we're taking yet, but I have one of my famous lists, so that's ok ;o) As long as I have a list I can claim to be organised. The fact that I haven't done anything on it is neither here nor there, lol.

On Tuesday we had a fun afternoon at Emily's house. The girls played mixing all sorts of concoctions for Nikki and I to "eat" and "drink". One of the less evil smelling ingredients of which was toothpaste(!)

Yesterday (weds) we spent the afternoon at Romy's friend Abigail's house. She goes to school so we don't get to see her much during term-time. The girls had fun putting on ballet shows using Abi's leotards and then Romy put on a show in her TKD uniform wielding her Nunchucks (sp?) Me and Abi's mum had a good chinwag too which was nice. We've been friends since the girls were 12 months old. Can't believe how time flies!

We've FINALLY finished the "Faraway Tree". Even with about four chapters a day it's taken us ages. Brilliant book though. I think we'll re-read "Charlotte's Web" next. We read it a year ago and it sparked a mini obsession! It'll be nice to read it again. Will have to brush up on my southern U.S accent, lol.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Thank heavens for our Flexible Friend...

...Or should that read foe? Promoted Romy up to the Black Belt Training Course yesterday. She got a new black uniform, weapons and protective sparring gear. Of course this was all paid for on the never never :o( You have to make sacrifices for your children though, don't you? She's soooo full of it. We've done nothing but play Taekwondo since last night. Her certificate says "Estimated date of black belt: 2008" Blimey, she'll only be nine then!! We're so proud of the way she just seems to have taken to this. Much the same as swimming. Here's a pic of her posing with her Nunchucks...

Yesterday Roo asked me if she could put some make-up on her doll. I said "of course" and THIS was the result: Warning, NOT for the faint-hearted!! Rofl.

Monday, August 01, 2005

Orange belt a go go!!

We were just brimming with pride on Saturday when Romy had her first graduation at Taekwondo. My wonderful Mum came to see it too and it meant the world to Romy to have her Nana there. Thanks Mum, you're a star! Anyway, here are some pics...

Here's Romy doing an axe kick. Go girl!!

Doing the "star block" sytem.

Giving our favourite teacher Mr. Flanagan a "high five" after he'd tied on her new ORANGE BELT!!

One happy girl :o))))

After the graduation it was a mad rush to get to Christine's house for her annual Home Ed garden party. It was a lovely afternoon as usual and the vegan food was AMAZING as usual too! I keep telling her she should write a vegan recipe book. I'd buy it. The weather left a lot to be desired but the kids had fun on the bouncy castle so there were no complaints :o)

Yesterday (Sunday) we went to Worlaby Fun Day, which unfortunately turned out to be Worlaby Only Ever So Slightly Amusing Day. It was a bit of a damp squib. Never mind, got a good deal on one of the two car boot sale stalls, lol; a set of 17 brand new Percy the Park-keeper nature series magazines. They were £2.50 each to buy and I got the whole set in a box for £1.50! My work there was done ;o)