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Friday, August 19, 2005

Bedroom rainbows.

Yesterday Romy and I spent nearly all day on the bed reading books. The sun was shining through the window and making scores of rainbows dance around the room because of the hanging crystals I have up. We decided they were rainbow fairies :o)

We also went for a walk to the library and I had to pay a HUUUUGGE fine for my books being a few days late :o( I had to take "How Clean is Your House?" back as someone had reserved it. This is despite the fact I hadn't got around to reading it as it was in a pile on the landing. That says a lot about why I actually NEED to read it, lol. Romy got her third and fourth set of stickers for her reading voyage thing and chose a load more books. At least children don't get fined!

This afternoon we went to Nikki and Emily's house to visit their new (and incredibly cute) kittens. They're just two little balls of fluff!

I coloured my own hair on Tuesday. It was supposed to be blonde but turned out bright orange!! Mind you, it can't be as bad as I though because my friend Theresa said "You're looking very beautiful today" Bless! Don't you just love friends like that? :o)))


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