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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

A brilliant birthday bash!

Last night we went to our friend Lewis's 11th birthday party. As usual it was fantastic. Last year he had an Olympics themed party, this year it had a survival theme. Lewis is a big fan of all things Ray Mears, so there was a camp fire and lovely barbecued food. Thanks go to Denise and Nigel for making the gorgeous food and generally making the party go with a swing. Romy had a brilliant time playing with Katie and the other children. Here they are playing musical chairs:

It was a lovely sunny evening and we didn't go home until 9 o'clock. We could've stayed all night if it wasn't for Tilly in the car (and the fact that Denise may not have wanted us to, lol.)

Romy got a lovely goodie box filled with dinosaurs and other nice things. I, along with the other mums got a beautiful posy of dried Roses. I need to find somewhere to put them where I can look at them always.

Here's Roo with her goodie box and a pic of all the children at the party.

David, Etienne, Romy, Katie, Little Rosa, Lewis, and Ira at the front.


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