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Sunday, August 07, 2005

First Annual "Motheringham" Festival!

Back from camp and we had a brilliant time, apart from having to come home a bit early because of Roo not feeling very well :o( It was in Metheringham but one of the Mums had the idea of calling it the Motheringham camp. I think it has a lovely ring to it, don't you?

We arrived on Thursday teatime to join Denise, Nigel and their children Lewis and Katie who were already there. Romy and Katie immediately paired up and we hardly saw them for the rest of the weekend ;o) After putting the tent up and finding the (spidery!) toilet whilst the kids dug in the mud for "archaeology" we had something to eat. The menfolk and kiddywinks and Tilly went for a walk with torches whilst Denise and I had a lovely long talk in her tent in the rain. Then it was to bed (in the pouring rain!) I finally managed to get to sleep at 7am(!) only to wake up again at 8.45. Hmmm, 1 and 3/4 hours, not bad for me not in my own bed, lol.

Here's a pic of Roo already looking poorly, having her breakfast the next morning (soup!) I'm at the side teaching Katie to "Scoubie" :o)

After breakfast Megan and Mark arrived with their (incredibly gorgeous) children and two dogs. One of them is Tilly's little sister, but that didn't stop them barking like mad at each other! Megan and I took the dogs for a run (them, not us!) led through fields by Romy, Katie and her friend David. We had to pass three dogs over two stiles between us. It wasn't until the way back that Katie informed us their was a short-cut that avoided the stiles, lol. I did my good deed for the day when I turned into "Mad Vegan Animal Liberation Woman." All I needed was a balaclava! Megan pointed out a magpie trap. I, being a Townie had never heard of them. Aparrently they're illegal but they put a magpie in a cage and when another one comes to see it, attracted by its distress calls , it too becomes trapped and then they're both shot by the game-keeper. I was horrified, so you can guess what I did. I was very proud of myself!

The girls collected a whole host of macarbe items on the walk to put on their archaeology/museum table. They then wrote a list of opening times and admission prices so that we could all come and view the exhibits. One of the more disgusting things was a birds' wing (complete with bones!) Here's a pic of some of the 'stuff'.

We came home that evening for Romy's swimming lesson as she was supposed to be getting her 5 and 10m badges but they weren't ready. Was I mad!! Never mind, at least Colin got to take his pillow back with him. He still thinks he's a hard teenage camper who uses a folded t-shirt for a pillow. He's now realised he's a home-comforts-lovin' thirty-something who needs his pillow. Bless! I freely admit I can't sleep unless I have my own two specific pillows. Must be getting old ;o)

By the time we returned the rest of the families had arrived including Fabienne with whom I had a lovely long conversation about raw-foodism. She's an inspiration to me. So beautiful and healthy and her food looked gorgeous and colourful compared to our bags of 'rubbish' we took.

I slept a bit better that night, although it was obvious by then that Roo was coming down with a particularly nasty cold. So yesterday she spent a while playing with Katie in her tent and then in ours before curling up on my knee while poor Colin took the tent down and tried to pack all the stuff (which seemed to have tripled in quantity) tardis-style into the car. We just had time to take part in a quiz around the camp-fire before we set off home. And last night was spent blissfully in my own bed, mmmmmm.... Here are some more pics:

Romy (left) and Katie threading beads.

Having a girlie chat in Katie's tent.

Having a "sleepover without the sleeping" in our tent.


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