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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Happy Birthday Tilly!

It's our dogs' first birthday today. She got a new collar, some treats and some flea stuff :o) Romy made her a lovely card this afternoon from a sheet of that craft foam stuff, lol.

Continuing with the creative theme, Romy had such a good idea today. She got me to photograph her in various ballet poses, printed them out, cut round them and stuck them onto paper. She then drew a stage complete with curtains and printed off some tutu's from the computer. She cut them out and stuck them on the photo's of herself. The result is amazing! I didn't even know what she wanted the photo's for, so when she presented me with it as a gift I was over the moon :o) I stuck it on my bedroom door. I love it!!

We're feeling a bit better now. Roo is outside at the moment with Colin practicing Taekwondo. Unfortunately it's sending Tilly mad as she thinks they're hurting each other ;o)


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