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Monday, August 29, 2005

I-spy in A&E at 2am!

Well, Saturday night/Sunday morning was spent in A&E. I've been having some funny feelings in my chest recently. I've been to the G.P who said "lose weight." Very helpful, er, not. Anyway, thanks to Nikki for taking me and sitting with Roo in the waiting room.

I went to bed on Saturday night and had three of the's episodes in a row and I was petrified. I woke Colin up and he suggested we go to A&E. So we dragged Romy out of bed (with much grumbling!) and off we went. Poor Roo was tired and a bit scared. The nurse was wonderful at putting her at ease though. I had all sorts of tests; ECG, thyroid, blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol, etc and they were all normal. So it's a mystery :o( Doc just said to go back to my GP if it happens again. Hmmm... helpful! Whilst we were waiting for the blood test results Colin nodded off and Romy and I played "I-spy" very surreal at 2am! She can't have been that worried though, as when we got back in she said "Teddy had fun!" Er, ok, at least one of us did then, lol. The upshot of all this poorliness and worry is that I've lost 3 1/2 stone, so am looking good even though am feeling crap ;o)

So what else have we been up to in the past few days? Well, Roo and I have experimented with some calligraphy. I used to be quite good at it but haven't done any for a while. We found the pen the other day so we thought we'd have a dabble. It was fun.

Romy has started to read me "Charlotte's Web" which is the first BIG book she's attempted. I'm mightily impressed with her :o) Still on the subject of books, we got the new set of fairy books from Nikki the other day. The Jewel Fairies. It all started with the Rainbow Fairies and has spiralled out of control! There now seems to be hundreds of the bleedin' books. Romy just LOVES them though. She did a fairy project a few months back and a lot of it was based on those books. She invented a new set of fairies for the series "The Pet Fairies" and made profiles up for all of them. So how spooked were we when we looked in the back of the new books and saw the words "Coming soon: The Pet Fairies"!!!!!! OMG, could we sue? LOL. Some of them even have the same names that Roo made up, including Penny the Pony Fairy. Weird!

Saturday was Nikki's birthday so I took her round some flowers. I just couldn't think what to get her. Doesn't bode well for xmas then Nikki, lol. We then went to a friend's little boys' 1st birthday party. I used to know him when he was 14 (and I was 16) and here we are with kids. Him 29 and me er... ;o) It was interesting to see how everyone had aged.

Finally on to Sunday (yesterday.) We went round to my Mum's for a BBQ. I couldn't manage much food but it was nice to see everyone. My friend Amanda from London rang last night and we had a lovely 1 1/2 hour chat while Roo and Colin had several games of Guess Who upstairs. Great stuff!


Blogger Sarah said...

Hi, I have some "funny feelings" in my chest too. I went to the GP and got referred to the Cardiologist. I have a minor, non life threatening heart condition. It feels like my heart is racing, skipping, hammering on my ribs etc.

12:30 PM  

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