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Monday, August 01, 2005

Orange belt a go go!!

We were just brimming with pride on Saturday when Romy had her first graduation at Taekwondo. My wonderful Mum came to see it too and it meant the world to Romy to have her Nana there. Thanks Mum, you're a star! Anyway, here are some pics...

Here's Romy doing an axe kick. Go girl!!

Doing the "star block" sytem.

Giving our favourite teacher Mr. Flanagan a "high five" after he'd tied on her new ORANGE BELT!!

One happy girl :o))))

After the graduation it was a mad rush to get to Christine's house for her annual Home Ed garden party. It was a lovely afternoon as usual and the vegan food was AMAZING as usual too! I keep telling her she should write a vegan recipe book. I'd buy it. The weather left a lot to be desired but the kids had fun on the bouncy castle so there were no complaints :o)

Yesterday (Sunday) we went to Worlaby Fun Day, which unfortunately turned out to be Worlaby Only Ever So Slightly Amusing Day. It was a bit of a damp squib. Never mind, got a good deal on one of the two car boot sale stalls, lol; a set of 17 brand new Percy the Park-keeper nature series magazines. They were £2.50 each to buy and I got the whole set in a box for £1.50! My work there was done ;o)


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