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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Quick update...

We're not too well at this end. The cold Romy came back from camp with has spread to me, so we're just pottering around for a few days playing, reading and watching TV.

I bought Romy this CD-ROM from ASDA last night. She's had a go at some of the activities this morning. Although it's aimed at year 3 and Romy would've only just finished year 1 it seemed about the right level. In fact some of it was really easy. The only thing I had to explain (because we haven't covered it) was about materials conducting electricity. Once she twigged it was anything metal she was away.

We've also been playing this game Chuzzle. It's hilarious and really good for Romy's thinking skills. She beats me! Mind you, that's nothing new, lol.


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