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Friday, August 12, 2005

Scary mask!

Yesterday we went to the museum with Emily and Nikki to a workshop decorating masks and fans. Here's Romy's scaaaaary effort:

We also had a look at the "Medieval Machines" exhibition they have on at the moment. It was great fun and very 'hands on'. Here's Romy watching Emily have a go on a jousting horse:

And here they are putting the pieces into a stained glass window puzzle:

Afterwards we went to a brand new park in Ashby. It's really nice but of course has been graffiti'ed already :o( Here's Roo tackling a climbing wall:

We went there again today with Roo's friend Abigail. After they got fed up of playing on the equipment (or trying to because there were so many teenagers on everything, grrrr) they lay down in the dry mud to make 'dirt angels' (like snow angels, but muckier, lol.) Were they filthy!!! :o))))

Romy got her 5 and 10m awards at swimming today, at last! She should have had them ages ago. She actually swam 25m backstroke today, so she'll hopefully be getting that award and her Dolphin level two at the end of this course. I'm so proud of her :o))))))))))


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