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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Seaside Shenanigans!

Not been on the computer for a few days, so thought I'd better update while I can still vaguely remember what we've done, lol.

On Saturday Roo went to football practice and then we went into town to look around the charity shops etc. Then on Sunday we went to Skegness for the day. My Aunty and Grandma are there on a two-week holiday so we, my Mum, Dad, sister and her Beau descended on them for the day. Romy had a whale of a time. Not suprising when people kept pushing £5 notes into her hand!! Where were mine? ;o) We even won a couple of toys on those 'grabber machines.'

Here's the result of all that money...

Making Sand Angels!

The Princess on her noble steed.

Log flume ahoy!!

On Brian the Donkey, (yes, really!)

On Monday we spent a rainy day reading the whole of The Seaside Family from the Family Collection book. Phew! We also made some lovely bead people brooches from a kit that my Mum gave to Romy. They turned out really well. Here's a pic. It's not very clear but it gives an idea. Romy's is the one with yellow hair. She managed to make it all by herself :o)

Monday also saw Romy getting her first of two tips on her orange belt at Taekwondo. She was so chuffed! Another tip next month and then the month after it will be the yellow belt graduation. Gosh, it's going so fast.

Yesterday (Tuesday) we went to play at Romy's friend Abigail's house for the afternoon before we made our way again to TKD. We seem to live at that place, lol. Romy loves it so much though. The grin doesn't leave her face the whole time she's there. Colin bought her some sparring pads he found cheap in Woolies yesterday, so they were practicing punches and kicks in (relative!) safety last night.

And so to today... Another rainy day so we might read The Queen Elizabeth Family from the book, and do some more craft-type things. I've got a contact lens appointment tonight so nothing too exciting, lol.


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