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Thursday, August 04, 2005

Swallows and Amazons Forever!

We're going camping today with a group of home ed friends. We're supposed to be setting of as soon as Colin returns from work but we're woefully unprepared. I haven't even sorted out the stuff we're taking yet, but I have one of my famous lists, so that's ok ;o) As long as I have a list I can claim to be organised. The fact that I haven't done anything on it is neither here nor there, lol.

On Tuesday we had a fun afternoon at Emily's house. The girls played mixing all sorts of concoctions for Nikki and I to "eat" and "drink". One of the less evil smelling ingredients of which was toothpaste(!)

Yesterday (weds) we spent the afternoon at Romy's friend Abigail's house. She goes to school so we don't get to see her much during term-time. The girls had fun putting on ballet shows using Abi's leotards and then Romy put on a show in her TKD uniform wielding her Nunchucks (sp?) Me and Abi's mum had a good chinwag too which was nice. We've been friends since the girls were 12 months old. Can't believe how time flies!

We've FINALLY finished the "Faraway Tree". Even with about four chapters a day it's taken us ages. Brilliant book though. I think we'll re-read "Charlotte's Web" next. We read it a year ago and it sparked a mini obsession! It'll be nice to read it again. Will have to brush up on my southern U.S accent, lol.


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