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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Thank heavens for our Flexible Friend...

...Or should that read foe? Promoted Romy up to the Black Belt Training Course yesterday. She got a new black uniform, weapons and protective sparring gear. Of course this was all paid for on the never never :o( You have to make sacrifices for your children though, don't you? She's soooo full of it. We've done nothing but play Taekwondo since last night. Her certificate says "Estimated date of black belt: 2008" Blimey, she'll only be nine then!! We're so proud of the way she just seems to have taken to this. Much the same as swimming. Here's a pic of her posing with her Nunchucks...

Yesterday Roo asked me if she could put some make-up on her doll. I said "of course" and THIS was the result: Warning, NOT for the faint-hearted!! Rofl.


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