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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

And then there were three!

Right. This is definitely the very last piggy we're getting, lol. We travelled to Kris's house today to pick up Toby (previously known as Toblerone!) He's soooo cute. Here's a piccy of Roo with him, Willow and Pip.
It was lovely meeting Kris and her family. Romy got along famously with her three girls. Especially the eldest, who's the same age as her and who Romy has decided is her New Friend :o) Tilly our dog nearly frightened their rabbit to death but apart from that little incident the meeting went really well. The pigs are all getting along brilliantly. There's been nothing but purring and chattering since we got home. The two babies haven't got the hang of jumping in and out of the cage yet, so Pip can come out if he feels the need for some peace ;o)

Anyway, Romy had a lovely suprise in the post this morning. A package from her home ed friend Katie, including some lovely scoubies she'd made for us both. Bless :o)))

We went to the library this afternoon and Romy finished the reading voyage thing. She got her certificate and stuff. We filled in her scrap book diary about recent events and Roo made the second issue of her Pets magazine; "Cats" complete with coupon to send off for a free cat food sample ("Kat-O-Meat: The Tasty Treat!") She is currently editing the latest issue "Guinea Pigs" (What a surprise, lol.) Colin is fashioning the cat and guinea pig charms from tin foil. They're the free gifts to collect with each issue ;o)

Earlier Roo was playing a brilliant game of explorers. She packed herself up with sandwich, cookie and pringles and put the camera, binoculars and note book in her back pack. She then went around looking for wild animals (dog and guinea pigs along with toy zebra and hippo) and writing them down in her book along with drawings and photo's.


Blogger Kris said...

It was lovely to meet you too :) Myf is wanting to know when we'll see her new friend again as well. Hope Toby settles in well.

And the bunny is fine - he's got a similar kind of 'friendship' with the two guinea pigs he shares the huge cage with. ;)

2:47 PM  
Blogger Nikki said...

It was lovely to meet Toby this afternoon. Soooo silky! Emily had a good play; sorry about the the broken doll and the sweetie raid! xx

1:56 PM  

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