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Monday, September 05, 2005

Back in time...

Autumn beckons, so back to work tomorrow. Just time today for an educational trip to Gainsborough Old Hall. We went along with some other home educated children and we all learnt a lot. That's what I love about home ed. I'm learning almost as much as Roo ;o) We had an excellent guide who was dressed in Tudor costume. The kids got to dress up in outfits too. Romy was Lady-in-Waiting to Emily's Queen. They both looked gorgeous as you can see:
They then got to take part in a make-believe banquet:

Much fun was had by everyone. The jester was particularly good!

Back to 2005 and we had to take poor Mr. Squeak back to the vets when we came home. He seems to have deteriorated. He's lost more weight, gone off his food (unheard of!) and has bad diarrhoea :o( The vet has put him on antibiotics. Now, the question is this; do we give him his pro-biotics at the same time as his anti-biotics? LOL. He also gave him an appetite stimulator, so fingers crossed...


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