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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

The Bionic Dog!

Took Tilly to get micro-chipped today. She made no fuss at all. It was done for free as part of a council scheme. We registered 'The Tillster' and got a doggy ID tag for her collar and the free micro-chip. I well and truly defy her to get lost now. Might put her on the conveyor-belt at Tesco's next time and see how much she's worth when scanned ;o)

Went swimming with Emily and Nikki this afternoon. There were more life-guards than swimmers at one point, lol. Roo practiced swimming 25M without stopping. She can't quite manage it yet as she keeps needing to stop to take a breath :o) She needs to do that to get her Dolphin level 2 and 25M badges, so we'll keep practicing. We also went to our local art gallery. There was a very scary exhibition of photographs of people with faces on the backs of their heads . It gave me the creeps so Gawd knows what Roo and Emily thought of it. Another exhibition was just bizarre; all computery screens with data on them and a shelf with a book, cactus and toy on it. This apparently "depicted the artist's physical embodiment" or some such utter nonsense. Phooey!

Still no hot water :o( Plumber said it will cost about £250!! Have no choice though. Waiting for him to put in an appearance at some point.

Making great strides in the guinea pig project. We looked up on the trusty 'net what types pf GP our three are. We then printed out the pictures and descriptions and Romy made a page for each piggy with a couple of sentences, e.g This is Pip. He is two-and-a-half years old. He loves cucumber. Lol. We also made some stained-glass type pics of piggies on acetate using permanent markers.

Maths: more money skills. Want to get this book out of the way before we start on the next topic (which may be 'time'.) We did 'giving change from 20p. Also did some Sudoku puzzles.

Art: Did some wax crayon pictures and painted over them. Also lots more colouring in and dot-to-dots.

Been disappearing under mountains of Playmobil which we've only just managed to persuade Roo to put away after three days so that we could vacuum. With a nice clean playmobil-free floor she was able to in-line skate up and down the room (chased by Tilly.)


Blogger Kris said...

We tried doing money work this morning. Would have been ok, if Piglet hadn't run off with the lot. I'm finding 5p's and 10p's everywhere now. And the vacuum doesn't like 20p's

3:27 PM  

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