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Friday, September 02, 2005

Britains youngest Archaeologists?

Yesterday Colin took Romy field-walking with Emily and her Dad Jon. They had to mark out muddy fields into sections and then search each piece for artefacts. They found loads of stuff, but unfortunately the museum got to keep all of it :o( Romy did however come home with a stonking great horse-shoe that looked very old. She looked so cute coming through the door clutching it, covered from head to toe in mud with a big grin on her face. She had a great time. And of course, what kind of Mummy would I be if I didn't have a lovely warm bath waiting for her to strip off and get into?

While they were busy finding treasure I stayed here to sort out some junk. I finally de-cluttered the table ready to begin some 'school' work next week. I also made a nice pile of 'work pending' so that we won't be at a loss about what to do. It's been nice to have this break because we're both now raring to go! We're going to make lots of xmas crafts this year too. So anyone who knows us; be prepared for some re-cycled rubbish for xmas, rofl!!

Marking out the sections.

Time for some work...

But still some time for play and friendship:O)


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