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Thursday, September 22, 2005

The latest installment of "A quiet life with the Smithsons/Simpsons."...

Seeing as though we seem to be lurching from one catastrophe to another recently, we were pleased to get to 9pm without any bad news. All that changed however when Colin's Dad rang to say that his Nan has been rushed into hospital and is on the coronary care ward. Okaaaaay... I wonder what tomorrow will bring?

The home education wheels continue to turn amid the chaos, lol. Today we finished the last six pages of the money skills book. Looked at giving change from 50p and different ways of making a pound. We then played a "Race to a pound" game whereby we took it in turns to roll a dice and collected the amount (1-6p) As we collected more money we had to swap coins for the least number, e.g two fives for a ten, etc. Romy got to a pound first which she was very pleased about. I'm really chuffed with how quickly she's picked it all up. Will have to keep up with it when we go to shops from now on.

We read and did the activities in the first Percy the Park Keeper magazine/pack that I bought a pile of at a car boot sale. We also did loads of tie-dying using a Dylon kit I bought off eBay. We started out doing a couple of Roo's tops and a t-shirt for Colin but having lots of dye left over it soon spiralled out of control and we got carried away dying tea towels and hand towels ;o))) Romy thought it was great fun. We need to leave the items overnight and see how they turn out tomorrow. If they're any good I'll post a photo tomorrow. If not, we'll just forget I ever mentioned it, ok?

Looked after a friend's baby for half an hour this afternoon. He found Roo utterly hilarious as she climbed on all the equipment at the park and made silly noises. Wouldn't it be great if we all found the world as funny as an almost-one-year-old?

The shop at the end of our road finally got the second edition of Funny Bones magazine. So our skull now has a top to it but only has half a brain until next week, lol. I can sympathise with that ;o)


Blogger Nikki said...

Oooh, I like the sound of that race to a pound thingy. You'll have to show me; maybe I can cadge a borrow? Hugs all round, here's hoping no more bad news for the moment, I think you all need a breather :-/ xx

3:11 PM  
Blogger dawniy said...

to let you know

http://stefndawniy.wordpress.com/ is our blog address now (yes i know another change, but this time you won't struggle to get in!)

hope to be back on the ring soon, but pop in to see us before that happens if you can anyway :)

Dawniy x

6:42 AM  

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