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Monday, September 12, 2005

Meet Willow...

We have a new addition to the family. A new 12-week-old baby piggy called Willow. Here he is looking tiny next to Pip.

We really didn't like getting a new piggy so soon after Squeaky died but Pippy seemed so lonely. He'd already had a few days on his own while Squeak was ill. The pet shop almost wouldn't let us have him as they said he would fight with Pip. How wrong could they be??? Pip LOVES Willow to bits. Not in a Father/Son type of way you understand, oh no. This is more like an Oscar Wilde/Bosie set up. Yay, he's out and proud! :o)

Kris has offered us another baby pig. We'd already got Willow but we've decided we've got room for one more, lol. This one will probably be tiny compared to Willow as he's only 4 or 5 weeks old. I tried to do a close-up of his funny hair 'do' but it's a bit blurred:

Didn't take him long to work out how to jump on top of the hay rack :o)

Anyway, apart from piggies, what have we been up to? Well, on Saturday we went on a steam train trip around Corus steel works with the lincs home ed group. Here's a pic of Roo (far left) with the other kids.

Daddy was able to point everything out as he's worked there for the past 12 years :o)

Today, we've done more on money skills (introducing 10p, giving change, counting on.) And some English from a work book. Roo also made a magazine about dogs complete with free dog charm and treat (which Tilly nicked and promptly wolfed down as I was reading it!) She also made some Bob the Builder cakes with Daddy while I went out for an hour with my friend Theresa who was in desperate need of a "get it all off my chest" chat. She also tried really hard at taekwondo today. We were really proud of her!


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