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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Ok, so what next???

Woke up at 5.20 this morning to hear Tilly thrashing about. Colin got up to tell her off and shouted through to me that she was having a fit!!!!! Bejeeesus. We sat with her on the landing until she came through it, by which time she was foaming at the mouth. Then I freaked out because her back end was paralysed. She kept trying to get up using her front legs but just ended up going round in circles. She weed everywhere too as she obviously had no feeling in her rear. I'm glad Colin was so calm because if I was on my own I don't know what I would've done :o( Romy woke up and was scared too. Bless her.

Tilly's fine now. Rang my vet friend up (she knew there was something wrong as I rang at 8.30am, lol.) She said it was nothing to worry about. We only need to take her to the vets if she has more in close sucession. She said that she may only have one or two a year, in which case she won't need medicating. It's a scary thing to witness though :o(

Still no sign of plumber, so no hot water in the forseeable future. *Grump* *Grouch* *Grumble*

Actual work done today = not v much. Did a few worksheets about using deductive reasoning (a bit like logic puzzles for kids.) Also Analogies: "paint is to brush as ink is to..." Roo did really well and got the hang of them straight away. I always love doing that section in IQ tests. Also gave the baby piggies their weekly weigh-in. Both have put on 75g in a week. Toby now weighs the same as 'Hair Do' did last week. If you're interested that is, lol. We're going to do graphs and other data interpretations when we've finished the weighing schedule. I find it's quite easy to bring in every subject when doing projects. All the time Roo thinks she's doing a guinea pig project, when in fact she's doing maths, English, geography, etc. :o)

Better go. Have to play Bratz trump cards. Oh joy!


Blogger Kris said...

Oh poor Tilly! Hope she's fully recovered now. Must have been a bit of fright.

And nice to hear that Toby is thriving. lol

2:23 PM  

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