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Thursday, September 08, 2005

Poor Mr. Squeak :o(

We've spent much of the day caring for a v. poorly guinea pig. He just doesn't seem to be getting better. He's lost more weight, along with all interest in food. Now, normally this is one greedy piggy, so we know he's really ill. Bless him. I've been giving him water today by syringe and Romy had the brilliant idea of getting him dandelion leaves and groundsel from the garden. He managed a bit of those, thank goodness.

This morning we did a few more science experiments. Roo made a ramp and sent down five different vehicles three times each. She measured how far each had gone and wrote it down in a chart. She correctly predicted that a smooth floor would enable the vehicles to travel further than on the carpet. We then did a light experiment. Roo collected various materials from around the house (plastic, wood, fabric, tissue, paper, etc) and shone a torch through each. She wrote down whether each material let light through or not. We also did some work on weather symbols and Roo read a map and wrote down the weather in each country of the UK. Finally, she completed a worksheet about what we need to be healthy, to have energy, to sleep and to keep clean.

Romy and Daddy have just made these lovely icing sugar sweeties from this book that our friend Denise gave Roo:
Just off to ring vet friend Megan now about Squeaky as our vets seem to have no clue :o(


Blogger Kris said...

Oh dear, poor Mr Squeak. I do hope he gets better. If things don't work out though, I can offer a replacement of a gorgeous grey and white female called Silver, who's 4 weeks old. Some children never want a pet again, others need to replace it immediately. Keeping my fingers crossed for you! :)

3:02 PM  
Blogger Hazel said...

Hi Kris.
Hold that thought... He's been back to the vet today and had his teeth rasped, though I don't think that was the problem. He's not a well piggy :o(
Thanks a lot :o)

10:50 AM  

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