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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Poorly Custard... Again!

Roo has yet another cold. It started yesterday morning. Not too bad this time although it is the third one she's had in two months. At the moment she only has to stand in the same room as someone with a runny nose and *bam* she gets it.

Romy is reading a "How to care for guinea pigs" type book at the moment and reading out instructions to me about how to make an indoor fun box for them to play in. She needs to use her problem solving skills now to find something suitable to make it out of and think of things to go in it. We've been taking it easy like this today and yesterday as she's not felt up to sitting down to do loads of work. Mind you, saying that we did start doing a bit about telling the time yesterday. However, Roo got the hang of it really quickly. I showed her different times using a teaching clock and she picked it up straight away. We then used some great analogue to digital worksheets.

Other things we've been up to: Spent a long time today doing that map of Europe 500 piece jigsaw on the table whilst listening to Morrissey, Keane and Alison Moyet. Still haven't finished it but we're having a break. We started doing it on Sunday night on the carpet but had to give up as it wouldn't fit together properly on there. I almost screamed when we took it to pieces as it had taken us soooo long to do so little! We read ten chapters (!) of a new Enid Blyton book I got from Oxfam book shop in Brigg when we went on Saturday. It's called "The Children of Willow Farm."

Romy dragged herself to Taekwondo last night as she knew that her head and hand guards would finally be here. She wanted them in red so we had to order them, as they only had red foot guards at the time. She's waited about two months for them! Here she is looking mean... Don't mess with this grrrrrl!!
Also got round to listing some stuff on ebay yesterday. Need to raise some cash to buy Roo this for Xmas. Need to sell a whole lot more. In fact, who'd like to buy a whole house full of junk?? LOL. Must go. Have to help to cut up and sellotape a cardboard box to make the guinea pig pen. This must count as Design and Technology eh? ;o)


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