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Sunday, September 18, 2005

Raining in the kitchen (!)

Ye Gods! It never rains, but it pours as they say. On Friday afternoon on the way out to Roo's swimming lesson I spotted some water on the kitchen worktop. Now, in our house you're lucky if you can actually see the worktop under the piles of junk that mysteriously find their way there, so a bit of water was neither here nor there. I wiped it up and thought no more about it. However (you knew that was coming didn't you?) As Colin was making the tea later that night he suddenly shouted "There's a leak in the roof!" The bleedin' hot water tank in the bathroom had sprung a leak, flooded the airing cupboard and the water was slowly making its way through a lovely hole it had made in the kitchen roof.

All this was noticed at 7.30pm and to cut a long story short we had an emergency plumber out. Although he didn't find his way here until 1am!! Roo stayed up until he arrived and then promptly fell asleep on me on the settee. That girl has some stamina ;o) That was paid for by our insurance but the new tank we need won't be. Poo and Wee!! Plumber Man said it'd cost about £300 :o((((( Being my usual optimistic self I thought "oh well, we'll at least get a new kitchen ceiling out of it." Been waiting for almost eight flippin' years as it was unfinished when we moved in and has never been completed. But, oh no. That would be far too much like good luck as far as this 'Annus Horribilis' has gone so far. Looks like they'll just repair it and we'll have to pay £100 excess anyway. May as well just buy a plaster board from Wickes and DIY. Oh, and wait for another eight years, lol.

So, we're off to my Mum's in a bit. Am going to have a nice hot shower and hair-wash whilst there. Just been v. frugal and bathed the dog with her medicated shampoo using only two kettles full of boiling water (along with cold of course!) God knows when we'll be able to get the hot water back, so apologies to any who come near if we offend the nose ;o) *Swats away the flies*

Yesterday, we went to visit various in-laws in Gainsborough. Colin's Nan (who's nearly 90) is not very well. She's decided to go into residential care after managing to look after herself amazingly well up until now. Made me feel a bit funny when we saw her all confused. Very aware of everyone ageing. ("Stop the world, I want to get off!") Yesterday I was a teenager, today I'm 31. How the heck did that happen???

Last night I had some bizzare 'therapy' in the form of "colouring in." I bought Roo some nice brush-tip felt pens the other day (cheapy from Tesco.) I can't abide crappy felt pens. You know, the ones that work for about the first two strokes and then dry up or rip the paper. So it was nice do do some colouring with Roo with some really good pens. The thing is, she announced she was tired half way through our pictures and went to sleep. I, on the other hand carried on until I had finished my picture and, oh what the heck, finished hers too ;o) After that I swear I put the colouring book away and did some more grown-up stuff; a tsunami puzzle and read some more of Too Close to the Falls. It's a brilliant memoir about a girl who grew up in the '50's near Niagra Falls. Nowadays she'd be labelled as 'gifted' and 'hyperactive' but at the time her doctor "prescribed" full-time work for her at the age of four!! It's not sad though. She had a happy childhood, although extremely odd. I love reading memoirs and autobiographies, but sometimes they can be truly shocking and depressing. (Dave Pelzer?) This makes a nice change.


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