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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

A very productive day.

Wow! We seem to have done lots of work today. Loads of art first. Romy made me a gorgeous love-heart thing with lots of nice stuff written in it about me. We drew round our hands and added details like rings, fingernails, knuckles etc. On other ones we drew little character faces at the tip of each finger. V. funny :o) We then experimented with some cartoony special effects; like how to draw things moving, etc. Also how to draw different facial expressions. I then remembered something I did at school when I was little, so we had a go. We took it in turns to draw random squiggles on a page and then swapped paper and tried to turn each other's squiggles into pictures. Romy showed some real imagination. I was impressed.

After all that art we did some maths. Fractions to be precise. We coloured in different fractions of shapes and explored the ways they were the same, e.g half a square is still half a square whether it's cut diagonally or horizontally/vertically. We also looked at how, for example 1/2, 2/4 and 4/8 are the same.

Onto English; we did some work on suffixes. We had a list of 20 words and five suffixes to choose from. Romy tried them all out and added the correct one to each word. We then did some work on tenses. Roo had to decide whether sentences were past, present or future. Finally we did a worksheet on putting words in alphabetical order. She had previously used her dictionary to look up words to write about me. (All nice, thankfully, lol.)

Whilst Roo was working on all this I was sorting out various photo's, postcards, leaflets and momentoes from our various trips, activities, etc over the summer, sticking them into her scrapbook diary and writing about each thing. PHEW! She's now got three large scrapbooks stuffed full of memories of only the past 12 months. And people worry that home educated kids get no socialisation!

Physical education was taken care of by taekwondo, lol. And I also managed to fit in a bit of tidying up this evening, washed the pots thrice, administered various medications to the dog and guinea pig, cleaned out the fish, read Roo some library books and blogged this. Just call me Superwoman :o)))


Blogger Kris said...

Yay Hazel! Blimey, you cram some stuff into your days. Am very envious. We haven't begun our 'term' yet - school's still out whilst the sun is shining and the builders are building. :)

2:57 PM  
Blogger Hazel said...

Lol, thanks. It's not usually like that I promise. We live in a pigsty and my excuse is home ed :o)

1:53 AM  

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