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Saturday, September 03, 2005

Wedding bells and vets bills.

We'd planned on taking Tilly to the vets this morning as she has developed some sort of skin condition but we ended up taking one of the guinea pigs too. We're quite worried about him actually. He's started making strange noises and huddling in the corner. He's also lost weight. Admittedly he was overweight before but it's totally unexplained so it's a bit worrying :o( The vet didn't know what was the matter but did that usual vet thing of sending you away with something anyway. In this case, worming medicine and pro-biotic powder. Ho-hum... Just a bit worried 'cos they can go downhill so quickly, so we'll have to keep an eye on him. Here he is having a cuddle with Romy:

Today was also the day we went to the wedding of Romy's Rainbows leader. Suprisingly she didn't seem to mind little girls in green tabards descending upon the church uninvited (by her!) Another of the Rainbow women thought it would be a good idea. Okaaaay... I really didn't want to go but my friend Theresa made me promise on pain of death to be there as she had said she would take Abigail (her daughter/Roo's friend.) So go we did! Only three kids turned up, so we felt a bit silly. Another one turned up afterwards to have her photograph taken though. Here's a pic of them with a rather bemused looking bride and groom, lol. Roo is on the far left.

And here's one of Roo with Abigail.

Needless to say we've done nothing but play weddings since we got home. Poor Tilly is currently being dressed as a bridesmaid and being shouted at for treading on Romy's incredibly long train, rofl!!


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