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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

We've not lost the momentum yet ;o)

Second day in and we're still working our socks off. Not bad, lol. English maths and science today. Briefly:

  • English. Worked on recognising the difference between fiction and non-fiction; joining pairs of rhyming words, including those spelled differently, like kite and height; a farmyard crossword; a poem in which Romy had to fill in the last word of each second line.
  • Maths. Did four pages from "Mental Maths" starter book, including some interesting work with coins. This led me to dig out a money workbook I remembered we had. (We seem to have a whole school's worth of resources. No wonder the house is always a state!) So we did some work on 1p and 2p coins. The mental maths was done while Roo was playing on her slide. I was asking her the questions as she played. Great :o)
  • Science. Looked at how people are the same and different. Roo drew a picture of herself and then me and we compared our height, weight, eye colour, sex, shoe size, etc and worked out that we were more different than similar! Looked at the differences between winter and summer using the same scene but with Roo adding different details for each, such as birds in the sky, different clothing, etc. Did some magnet experiments to discover what is and isn't magnetic. Wrote all this down in a chart. Identified dangers in a kitchen scene and explained to me why each thing was a hazard.

Colin is working late tonight so it's just me and Roo again. We've scooped all the leaves out of the fish pond three times today. We have a moulting tree behind our back fence that drops thousands of leaves in our garden each autumn, grrr... Played cars and garages and now we're off to watch "How Clean is Your House?" It always makes me feel better ;o))))))


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